Healing With Medicine Buddha Practice

Healing With Medicine Buddha Practice

Date Posted:
September 2012

A student wrote about his healing, which he attributes to Rinpoche’s teachings. About two years ago he developed two autoimmune diseases —a neurological disorder and fibromyalgia. He had so much pain and fatigue that he had to stop working and his prognosis was poor. After reading Rinpoche’s book Ultimate Healing, he did the Medicine Buddha practice every day and his health began to improve, so he could return to fulltime work. He still has quite a bit of pain and fatigue, but his health has continued to improve. In addition to the Medicine Buddha practice, he does powa for dead animals, including deer, foxes, squirrels and cats. He now dedicates the merit of everything he does to the well-being of all those with sickness and pain. The student thanked Rinpoche for all his wonderful teachings, and for the opportunity to do the home study program now available through the FPMT.

My very dear one,
Thank you very much for your kind letter. I am so sorry for the many eons of delay, I had your letter with me for a long time, but wasn’t able to reply.

Besides that book I have also translated a small Medicine Buddha practice, which is really, really good. It is the essence of the Medicine Buddha sutra taught by Buddha and the extensive Medicine Buddha puja by the Fifth Dalai Lama, and the short practice by Panchen Losang Chökyi Gyaltsen. This is a small text, but it is very, very powerful, that you can use also.

I am right now making another Medicine Buddha practice, with the longest Medicine Buddha mantra, and some short practice with my own suggestions. I’m trying to do the longest Medicine Buddha mantra and some of the prayers each day. When I finish this I will send to you.

Reciting the Medicine Buddha mantra is so powerful, it is the same as reciting all the buddhas’ mantra. If you circumambulate the Medicine Buddha, you get the same merit as having circumambulated all the buddhas. If you make offerings to Medicine Buddha, you get the same merit as having made offerings to all the buddhas. If you recite the Seven Medicine Buddha names and recite the Medicine Buddha mantra it fulfills all your wishes and prayers. It is so incredibly powerful.

So even if you have not completely recovered but are much better, this is really due to the power of the Medicine Buddha practice.

I was really very happy to receive your letter and hear about your experience. Please make your life most meaningful with the thought of bodhicitta, day and night and in everything you do.

With much love and prayers...