Fasting Retreat

Fasting Retreat

Date Posted:
November 2013

A student who had done the chu-len fasting retreat made the following comments, which Rinpoche wanted made available for all.

The commentary by Lama Yeshe at Tushita, says to only drink a small amount of water each day, but I found it necessary to drink as much as I needed to feel hydrated, so I didn’t get intense dehydration headaches. This happened to me the first time I tried chu-len, but it may be different for each individual. The first week or so was the most difficult, then it got easier. Also, it seems that it took some attempts before the pill began to work, so don’t give up after trying only one time.

It’s very good to plan ahead before doing it. Make strong prayers, start on an auspicious day, ensure that all tempting food is put away and the cabin is clean (as well as your clothes). Otherwise, sometimes you can be too weak to do household chores.

I found one pill a day sufficient after the first week or so. It’s very good to do a strong visualization of elements, energy, and blessings strongly absorbing into pill. This is a very amazing practice and strong blessings can come. May all who wish to do this practice be able to have success.