Experience the Suffering for Sentient Beings

Experience the Suffering for Sentient Beings

Date of Advice:
November 2018
Date Posted:
April 2021

Rinpoche gave this advice about tonglen practice to a student who had punctured their lungs in a fall and was in hospital.

My most dear one,

Please think, “I have been praying for this when I have been reciting so many prayers, such as ‘May all the sentient beings’ sufferings and causes of suffering ripen on me.’” Now you are experiencing this on yourself so that other sentient beings can be free from these sufferings and achieve enlightenment.

Think, “I am experiencing this suffering for every sentient being, so they don’t have to. How fortunate I am! I am the most fortunate one. I have succeeded in my prayers.”

Now you can feel very happy that you have received the suffering of sentient beings onto yourself, so you are experiencing this suffering for every sentient being and letting them be free from suffering, up to enlightenment.

Feel great happiness, thinking “This is the best thing.” Do tonglen and rejoice all the time.

Think even if death happens this is the best way to die, by taking the suffering of others onto yourself and giving all your happiness to other sentient beings.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama says, “Whatever is best for sentient beings—whether to get sick or to die or get better—may that happen.” Whatever is best for sentient beings.

Completely dedicate your life for sentient beings. If you try to think in that way, then you will have no fear, no worry, when it is time to die. If you try to do many pujas and prayers in order to have a long life, but then at the time of death you are worried and have so much fear that you are going to die, then your mind is not in Dharma. With so much worry and fear, you don’t experience happiness. So the other way of thinking is much better.

I have blessed three bottles of water by reciting Black Garuda mantra. When you get it, please drink some five times a day, thinking you are totally purified of all sickness, and you totally receive all the blessings.

With much love and prayers