Dharma Books for School Children

Dharma Books for School Children

Date of Advice:
March 2018
Date Posted:
September 2019

This advice was given to a student who was working as a schoolteacher in India.

My most dear, most kind, most precious wish-fulfilling one,
I hope you are enjoying being a schoolteacher. I really want to develop the school there and hopefully a school in Kushinigar will also start and maybe other schools. I was especially thinking to develop Dharma books for children up to the twelfth class. Then, however many schools we start, we can use the books. Even if we die, then the schools can continue all the time with the Dharma subjects, so then it helps for many hundreds of years. So now we should make Dharma books for children up to the twelfth class.

I asked Samdong Rinpoche and he said he can make books using His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s talks as a basis. He can finish those within three days with a few people helping. Kabir went to see Samdong Rinpoche. I hope it can get done. But that’s not the only thing. By following the original Tibetan books there is some brief introduction to Dharma subjects, but not necessarily everything. So that is my wish to make these books.

Then the school becomes very, very special, and the children even from a young age come to know Dharma and come to know karma. They come to know what is wrong and to be abandoned, and what is right and to be created. They come to know the cause of happiness and the real cause of suffering, and why the world has so many problems—global problems and problems within a country.

People don’t know this, and they don’t avoid the cause of suffering and practice the cause of happiness. What happens in the world now is mainly the opposite of that. Mostly the right thing—what causes happiness—is abandoned and what causes suffering is regarded as best and that is what is practiced. That’s why you can see the world is suffering more and more, individually and globally. That is why having Dharma in schools is important, so that children come to know Dharma from a young age. Then they come to know and can create the causes of happiness and they can enjoy the resultant happiness up to enlightenment.

I was invited to Ladakh by Gen-la Ladakhi, who has been living at Root Institute. I am meant to go for maybe ten days to Ladakh, to give some teachings and maybe do pilgrimage. Also maybe to build up a little bit a large stupa that was ruined or hopefully fix up 108 stupas that Lotsawa Rinchen Sangpo built in Ladakh.

I hope to do that and maybe start an old persons’ home or home for the destitute, to give food to those who don’t have food and to build homes for those who don’t have homes. I hope to start something like that in Ladakh. I am sure it won’t cover everyone in Ladakh, but we can start like this in one place.

With much love and prayers ...