Dedication for Tree Offered to Stupa

Dedication for Tree Offered to Stupa

Date of Advice:
October 2017
Date Posted:
September 2020

Rinpoche sent this message regarding a tree which was to be planted near a Lama Yeshe stupa at the Dharma center.

How are you? I forgot to tell you where the tree is to go. It should be planted around the Lama Yeshe stupa as an offering, with this notice:

This tree is offered to Lama’s stupa, that which is the embodiment of all the past and present buddhas. This tree is offered as a wish-granting tree. This tree is offered on behalf of each and every sentient being; it belongs to every sentient being and is dedicated to the center, and that the center develops and is beneficial to all sentient beings so that they actualize the realizations in their hearts of the complete path to enlightenment.

With best wishes,
from Mickey Mouse, little sentient being, Zopa

I hope you put this notice beside the tree.