Dedication for Alice Project

Dedication for Alice Project

Date Posted:
November 2013

Rinpoche gave the following dedication for Alice Project, a research project for the education of children and teachers, with schools in Sarnath and Bodhgaya, India.

May the supreme thought of the fully awakened mind be achieved in oneself and family members, and in the hearts of numberless human beings, animals, pretas, narak, asura and sura beings. In particular in this country, this city, in the children of Alice Project and in the kind staff here, without one second of delay.

May the kind staff, the precious kind principal of Alice Project, and the kind students have a meaningful and beneficial long life with inner happiness and peace. May everyone from this school cause happiness to all sentient beings—not only mundane happiness of this life, this short life, but also in all their future lives, and especially ultimate happiness, liberation from the oceans of samsaric sufferings, for narak, preta, human, asura, sura and animal beings.

Especially to achieve the fully awakened mind, peerless happiness, eliminating all suffering and achieving the complete accomplishment of all the realizations by having generated the precious bodhicitta, the supreme thought of enlightenment, in the hearts of living beings, in particular in India, in this city, in this school.

May no one experience global warming effects, economic difficulties, problems of disease, war, dangers of fire, water and tsunamis, etc. May this world be filled with peace and happiness. May everyone live their lives benefiting others, giving no harm. Whatever we do, may it only become the cause of happiness for others and bring full awakening. May all of us, by just being here in this universe, country, city and area, bring the cause of happiness to others.