Complaints about Director

Complaints about Director

Date Posted:
May 2011

Rinpoche gave the following advice to three students who were complaining about the center director.

Dear Emma,
Thank you for you kind letter. This letter is for the three precious jewels, wish-granting Sally, Emma and Ingrid.

Yes, I have also heard complaints from the director as well as from you. The reality is that there is negativity on both sides. I am not saying one is completely pure and the other is bad, unless one is Buddha. Then, that is my own problem.

Again, to remind you, if we accept karma, first there is whatever we experience with our senses. Whatever appearances we experience are the result of past good and bad karma. Have you heard of one liquid appearing differently to a preta being, a hell being, a god being and Buddha? The solution is, if we want to enjoy nectar, we have to purify the negative karma of seeing pus.

In the letter, you never talk about your own negative karma and wrong conceptions. In the letter it always sounds like one is perfect and the other is always wrong. The letter never talks about your own mistakes, only others’ mistakes. This is my general view of how I see your letter.

If you sincerely care about the organization of the center and the FPMT, then I appreciate that very much. One reason why people criticize the center is because you criticize it to the world, so when people hear about the center, they also start criticizing. They are just like children believing bad things from the television.

My attendant will go there this month on my behalf, to do some research and see what can be done to improve and change things.

Even the whole world can become empty. The karma of a place can change, it is not always the same. I have asked Ingrid if she will be director, but I haven’t received an answer yet.

Previously at another center, everybody complained about the director. We made one of the people who’d complained the new director and then everyone complained about the new director.

Much love and prayer...