Coffee Shop in the Pure Land

Coffee Shop in the Pure Land

Date of Advice:
July 2017
Date Posted:
August 2021

Rinpoche sent this message to a family whose daughter was close to passing away.

The Pemo Ushnisha deity picture you developed, you can give to people on the New Year or anytime as you like. If you wait for me to give by hand it might take a long time, so don’t worry about that. When you print the deity images* make sure it has the benefits.

In my observation it comes out for your daughter who is so sick, it seems very good, best for her to go to Dagpa Khacho, Vajrayogini pure land, if she dies. Tell her mother and brother this is because she has taken initiation of Vajrayogini.

First her mother should go there and start a restaurant or coffee or tea shop, one that when people are in the car they can drive through, and young girls give them the coffee and tea through a small window. After that, then everybody can move from the center to Vajrayogini pure land.

Why it came best to be born in Vajrayogini pure land is because her mother gave her body, not just to make kaka and pipi, but also due to your own every effort that you put into her, to purify negative karma and collect merit for her. HA HA HO.

[* Note: These deity images may be the Amoghapasha deity card, which has unbelievable benefits, and / or the door mantras, which purify eons of negative karma. See also the Wish-Granting Wheel mantra.]