Clearing Obstacles at the Center

Clearing Obstacles at the Center

Date of Advice:
October 2016
Date Posted:
October 2017

Rinpoche advised these practices in order to clear obstacles regarding the center property.

Rinpoche checked a lot and said it’s very difficult to have development of the mind in this place. Rinpoche understands the issues and advised it's OK to use the place for now, but keep it as short as you can.

This is what needs to be done to clear the obstacles:

  • Recite the Prajnaparamita six times. The geshes and monks should try to organize this well and make it something that people can be invited to and be a part of, as with these other things.
  • Most Secret Hayagriva One Hundred Tsog offering. This one is especially important and needs quite a bit of preparation by monks who know how to do that.
  • Namtose prayers need to be recited regularly, especially in the beginning.
  • Drugchuma puja.
  • Ten drel nye sel: recite this prayer four times.