Caring For Damaged Holy Objects

Caring For Damaged Holy Objects

Date of Advice:
January 2017
Date Posted:
April 2018

Advice on what to do with damaged or broken holy objects, such as tsa-tsas.

Do not put any tsa-tsas or holy objects that are damaged or broken inside stupas or statues. Doing this affects the mind of people who circumambulate the stupa.

Tsa-tsas going into a stupa should be made properly and shouldn’t be damaged. If damaged ones go in the stupa it is bad karma for the owner or maker. If the damaged tsa-tsa can be repaired—even if the border has to be sanded off—then it is fine to include the tsa-tsa in the stupa.

“Damage” primarily refers to the face and body of the holy object, including tsa-tsas with air bubbles. We should try to fix these. People making holy objects should make every single effort not to continue making damaged holy objects and should be mending any mistakes that have already been made.

Put damaged holy objects only in tsa-tsa houses. Ensure that these tsa-tsas are stored in such a way that they do not get dirty. Although it is not their main purpose, it is okay to circumambulate tsa-tsa houses.

If you have already put damaged tsa-tsas or other holy objects inside stupas, if it is possible to get these out that would be best. This would be the responsibility of the owners or makers of the stupa to do this, though of course others can create merit if they want to help.

For those who circumambulate a stupa that has broken tsa-tsas inside, there is no fault.