Benefits of Building Monasteries

Benefits of Building Monasteries

Date Posted:
September 2009

Rinpoche made the following comments about the virtuous results of building a monastery.

Many lineage lamas of the lam-rim built monasteries. I understand that business people who are not Buddhist may not understand the benefits of building monasteries, but if you are saying it has no meaning to build a monastery, then all those lineage lamas, Buddha himself, the Kadampa masters, those who actualized the path, including Lama Tsongkhapa's disciples, who established monasteries, made big mistakes.

A monastery means two things: One is having holy objects for people to purify the mind, collect extensive merit, and have realizations of the path to enlightenment. Second is especially for monks and nuns to live there in their vows, in retreat away from the city and the distractions to their vows, so they can live a celibate life. The main focus is that.

When you build a temple or monastery, however many atoms it contains, that many times you are reborn as a king with wealth, power, and everything. This way you can benefit others from life to life and bring them to enlightenment.

It is important to have a place for monks and nuns to live in the practice, in the vows. Monasteries and nunneries are to help make conditions to protect their life. That's why they are away from cities. The main thing is so they can continue their celibate life.