Lama Yeshe in Disneyland DVD

Lama Thubten Yeshe

Subtitles in English.

DVD with two short videos. Both videos can be viewed on our YouTube channel: At Disneyland and Walking in Yucca Valley.

At Disneyland (07:53) : footage of Lama Yeshe visiting Disneyland with students. Lama Zopa Rinpoche was invited but preferred to stay home, meditating. When Lama Yeshe returned, he said, “Kusho! You have to go to Disneyland!” So a couple of days later the students took Rinpoche and the visit included a ride on a very steep roller-coaster. At its conclusion Rinpoche exclaimed, “Now this is true suffering!"

Walking in Yucca Valley (08:46) : Lama Yeshe walking and talking with students, including Dennis Paulson, Louie-Bob Wood, Ngawang Chotak, Lynda Millspaugh, Peter Kedge, John Feuille and Tubten Pende.. A special question-and-answer session recorded later accompanies the footage, which was filmed originally without sound.

Filmed by Carol Royce-Wilder. This DVD is a reproduction of a video produced in 1977 by Vajrapani Institute.

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