(15469_ud.psd) Ordination photo of western Dharma students including Gareth Sparham, Marcel Bertels, Ama-la (Mother of Lama Zopa), Nick Ribush, Nicole Couture, Thubten Pemo (Linda Grossman), Thubten Pende (Jim Dougherty), Ursula Bernis, Thubten Wongmo  (Feather Meston), Yeshe Khadro (Marie Obst) and Daja Meston (Thubten Wangchuk), son of Wongmo, on the steps to the left. It is interesting to note that Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche are both in the photo, but hiding behind the heads of the new monastics. Bodhgaya, India, 1974.