Special Mailing July 2010

By Nicholas Ribush

Dear LYWA friends and supporters,
I’m writing with a couple of updates and to share some fantastic news.

A New Home For the Archive
We recently received a grant that is enabling us to purchase a home for the Archive.

Ever since its inception, LYWA has operated out of Wendy’s and my living space. As the Archive has grown, so has our need for space. We have rented 4 different homes since 1996 and in our current house in Lincoln, the Archive office, work and storage areas take up the majority of the space, including the entire lower level.

Our landlord approached us a couple of months ago and told us he was thinking of selling this house. I had the idea of approaching a benefactor to see if there was interest in purchasing this house for us. The benefactor asked that we check with Rinpoche, who let us know that while it would be beneficial for the Archive to purchase a house, the one we presently occupy did not come out as the best option. With our benefactor’s support we started looking at homes in the area, and have found a beautiful house in our current neighborhood with almost twice the space we have here.

We will be moving in early October. This is a really great development. Thank you so much for your support of the Archive. We couldn’t do it without you.

Thank you so much for your kind response to our appeal for funds for reprinting several of our popular titles. We are almost out of stock of all of these! The books we would like to reprint are: 

Thanks to your generosity we have nearly reached our goal. We still need another $5,000 to update and reprint all five.  If you have not yet contributed but would like to, visit our special appeals page for more information.

Search the Archive Database!Search the Archive Database
We also wanted to remind you of one of our website’s best features: the ability for website visitors to search our Archive database. This is the database which records information about every teaching currently stored in the Archive.

Using this feature you can:

  • search by Topic, Teacher, City, Country, Month, Year and/or Archive number;
  • find out if a recording of the teaching has been received and transcribed;
  • follow links to published transcripts and recordings for the teaching.

You can find a link to this feature in the Search box on every page. Check it out!

Much love,
Nick Ribush