The Mantra Destroying All the Negative Karmas and Defilements

By Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche

This text was translated from a Nyingma tantra by Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche, Kachoe Dechen Ling, Aptos, in October-November 2001, shortly after the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States.

This is an abbreviated version of the text. A longer version with instructions for practice and retreat is available from FPMT. See also Lama Zopa Rinpoche's Online Advice Book for more practices for success.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche in Tarzana, California, 1975. Photo: Carol Royce-Wilder.

I prostrate to the bodhisattva, the mahasattva (great being), the one who has great compassion, the superior Compassionate-Eye Looking One Enriched with Power.

This mantra destroying all the negative karma and defilements is taught by the Great Compassionate One from the twenty-seventh chapter of action from the fifty-eighth Tantra Liberating from Samsara:

Then, fully qualified foe destroyer gone beyond tathagata Limitless Light One (Amitabha) who is overlord to Dakini Enriched in the Power of Dance (Khadroma Kargyu Wangchug) said:

"Beyond the numberless, innumerable worlds of the eastern direction, there is what is called World Unforgettable. The delusions of the sentient beings who abide in that world are very gross. They are difficult to satisfy and very difficult to subdue. They engage in the ten non-virtues, and they engage in the five uninterrupted negative karmas. They give up the three higher trainings and carelessly use the offerings to the Triple Gem (offerings that were made with devotion which, when used carelessly, pollute the mind). In order to benefit these sentient beings, you should memorize this mantra destroying all the negative karmas and defilements. Keep this and read this. Reveal it to the evil ones and cherish this.”

The practice 

I prostrate to the Buddha Limitless Illumination [x1]


I prostrate to the Buddha Detached Lotus One [x1]


I prostrate to the Buddha Great Compassion1 [x1]


Prostrations to the fully qualified foe destroyer gone beyond, gone as it is, destroyer of the enemy, fully completed Buddha Victorious One Who Is the Play Aspect of Lion. [x1]

Prostrations to the fully qualified foe destroyer gone beyond, gone as it is, destroyer of the enemy, fully completed Buddha Beam Always Superior Glorified Piled Victorious One. [x1]

Prostrations to the fully qualified foe destroyer gone beyond, gone as it is, destroyer of the enemy, fully completed Buddha Whose Qualities Extremely Stabilized the Victorious Jewel Piled. [x1]

May my innate mantra be actualized!


May I whose name is …(insert name)… completely purify all the negative karmas and defilements collected from beginningless rebirth in samsara, the ripening aspect in the evil actions, disturbing thoughts, delusions, sufferings, and all the collections of negative imprints, and may I quickly achieve the state of enlightenment.

Sons and daughters of the race and any other transmigratory beings, if one recites this mantra every day 108 times, it will destroy all negative karmas and defilements.


It has the power to destroy thirteen disharmonious things. What are these thirteen?

1. One will not be harmed by fire.
2. One will not be harmed by water (floods and so forth).
3. One does not fall down precipices.
4. Roofs will not fall down on one.
5. One will not be chased away by winds (hurricanes, tornadoes and so forth).
6. One will not be harmed by poisons.
7. One will not be harmed by things mixed with poisons (contaminated food and so forth).
8. One will not be harmed by the spirit De (epilepsy, fits).
9. One will not be harmed by black magic.
10. One will not be harmed by untimely death.
11. One will not be harmed by war.
12. One will not become ill with severe sicknesses (epidemics).
13. One will not experience being sentenced to death by kings (executed).

Other than that, one receives thirteen qualities. What are they?

1. One's body whether as a son or daughter of the race will be beautiful.
2. One's voice will be sweet, enchanting.
3. One will generate extraordinary concentration in the mental continuum.
4. One will be able to do unimaginable works for sentient beings.
5. One will have no resistance, obstacles to all the activities.
6. All one's ripening aspects, karma, will be purified (such as rebirth as a hell being, hungry ghost, animal).
7. One will have an unimaginable (huge) entourage.
8. One will have inexhaustible enjoyments.
9. One will have a long life.
10. One will not have resistance to all the scriptures.
11. One will make offerings to all the tathagatas.
12. One will become a child of all the buddhas (a bodhisattva).
13. All one's hopes and wishes will be completed.

So, like this, thirteen disharmonious things will be destroyed and you will achieve thirteen benefits. Beyond this life, you will be reborn in Sukhavati, the Blissful World (Amitabha Buddha's pure realm), and you will achieve the result of no-returning.

If you do not attain these thirteen qualities, then I, myself (the Compassionate Buddha), would be cheating the fully qualified buddha foe destroyer gone beyond one.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s dedication

This precious teaching is translated with the great hope to benefit and because there is a great need for these methods to protect people from untimely death and all the dangers of life, including poison, anthrax, and other diseases – not to get infected with these from others and to purify and heal whatever diseases one has. Also to protect people from all the dangers of the elements (called “natural disasters” in the West), such as death caused by earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and fire, as well as an unimaginable number of undesirable things that are happening especially in this eon and at these times and increasing more and more. Along with this there are new diseases, disturbing unfavorable conditions, explosions like erupting volcanoes, and so many people in this world are so overwhelmed with so many sufferings, which is the result of negative thoughts and negative actions motivated by unhealthy wrong concepts. May any merit collected here by translating this precious mantra and making it available to the world, particularly the Western world, pacify immediately all these undesirable things.

May this text be used by all sentient beings. Besides people who practice this, may anyone who hears this text, who sees this text, who remembers this text, or who dreams about this text, by this may they never ever be reborn as a hell being, hungry ghost, or in the animal realm. May they find unshakeable faith in refuge and karma, and generate loving kindness, compassion, and bodhichitta to all living beings. In their actions may they never harm and only benefit – giving peace and happiness to numberless living beings. May they fill up the world with the sunshine of peace and happiness and never ever experience all the life dangers such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, storms, earthquakes, fire, terrorists, wars, and so forth.

May everyone soon be liberated from all the causes of suffering, the delusions and karma, and then achieve peerless happiness, full enlightenment, by ceasing even the subtle stains of the mind.


This practice comes from the Lhasa print of the Zungdu, Tibetan folio #240 front. Scribed by Vens. Sarah Thresher and Holly Ansett. The details of the translation have been checked numerous times by Geshe Ngawang Drakpa of Tse Chen Ling, San Francisco. Edited by Ven. Constance Miller, FPMT Education Services, December 2001. Final corrections inserted June 2003 by Ven. Constance Miller.  


1 These three buddhas’ names have been inserted here according to the instructions of Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche, as they should be recited before the main mantra recitation. [Return to text]

2 Lama Zopa Rinpoche has said that this mantra (OM BI PULA GARBHE MANI PRA BHE…) is extremely powerful for success. It can also be found in another text in the collected teachings taught by Buddha. This mantra has “unbelievable mind-blowing benefits.” This mantra is more powerful than if one makes merit by making offerings, reciting mantras, making extensive offerings everyday for eons to the countless buddhas of the ten directions whose numbers equal the number of grains of sand in the Pacific Ocean. This mantra heals and gives great protection from all the harms. There is no question how powerful it is, and it gives the greatest purification. All the benefits have not been translated yet but Rinpoche hopes to translate them soon and hopes that all can receive and enjoy the mantra. [Return to text]