Long-life Prayer for Rangjung Neljorma Khadro Namsel Drönme (Khadro-la)

By Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche

This prayer for the long life and fulfillment of all the wishes of Khadro Bumkye Tsomo (Khadro-la) was composed by Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche. The translation was done by Ven. Sönam Tharchin at the most auspicious occasion of the retreat with Khadro-la in August 2012 at Nalanda Monastery, France.

Khadro-la with Lama Zopa Rinpoche at Kopan Monastery, Nepal, 2014.
Supplication of long life entreating the holy mind of Khadro Bumkye Tsomo, called Divine Melodious Drum

The enlightened activity of the victorious mother for the sake of taking care
Of all of inferior fortune born at the end of the greatly degenerate time,
Taking an ordinary aspect, endowed with the deeds of the conquerors,
Venerable Tara, we request you to have a long life
And pray that (your) wishes are spontaneously attained.

Your fame pervades the three worlds.
Liberated from the sufferings of bad migrations, attained to enlightenment,
Bestowing the dharmakaya of great bliss to supreme Mila
Acting as companion and knowledge woman, Trashi Tsheringma
A long and stable life, spontaneous achievement of wishes:
We make this request. Please bless us:
We all make this request from our heart.

The channels, constituents and bodhicitta
Are blessed by countless dakinis.
Innate great bliss of subtle completion stage is induced
And one is established in the supreme state of the dharmakaya.
Khadro Bumkye Tsomo, abide long!
We pray that (your) wishes are spontaneously attained.

We and all migrators since beginningless times
Have followed the bewilderment of true grasping, coming under the power of others.
By apprehending all mistaken appearances as true
We are oppressed until now by the ocean of sufferings.
Supreme wisdom seeing everything as empty,
Namsel Drönme, abide in a long life!
We pray so that (your) wishes are spontaneously attained.

All the destitute migrators, bound by karma and afflictions:
Although it is difficult to subdue them all, you generate greatly
The mind of patience and compassion, Jetsün Dagmema.
Lama Marpa’s secret consort, holy and supreme,
Abide in a long life! May wishes be spontaneously attained!
Thus we pray respectfully from our hearts.

The Indian great pandit, kind to Tibet,
The Lotus Born: You blessed him!
Bringing to exhaustion the 84,000 afflictions
This holy Dharma is like the rays of the sun.
Great kindness pervading all the world,
Acting as a companion of great bliss: Supreme Yeshe Tshogyäl!
Abide in a long life! May wishes be spontaneously attained!
We make this request. Please bless us!

Dedication (of the merits of having composed this prayer)

Having supported me with kindness since beginningless times
For all migrators, destitute and oppressed by suffering
May venerable Tara act as spiritual master,
May they soon come to touch the ground of the four bodies.

Followed in Tibetan by a colophon as yet untranslated.