Kopan Course No. 39 (2006)

By Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche
Kopan Monastery, Nepal (Archive #1587)

Lamrim teachings given by Lama Zopa Rinpoche at the 39th Kopan Meditation Course, held at Kopan Monastery, Nepal, in November-December 2006. Lightly edited by Gordon McDougall.

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Portrait of Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche, 2010. Photo by Roger Kunsang.
Kopan Course No. 39 Index Page

The Index Page provides an outline of the topics discussed in each of the lectures. Click on the links below to go directly to a particular lecture.

Please note: No dates were given for these lectures.

Lecture 1: The Best Psychology Is the Dharma
  • The Dharma is something we have not encountered before
  • Attachment is the fundamental problem in our life
  • Dharma is the best psychology
  • The perfect human rebirth
  • We must complete the whole path
  • Numberless pandits have completed the path
  • Deciding to come to Kopan was your most important decision
  • Dedications
Lecture 2: How Things Exist
  • A star, a defective view, a butter lamp flame
  • The root of samsara according to the different schools
  • How we create ignorance
  • The child before it is named
  • The Twenty-One Taras Praises for success
  • The mind decorates true existence
  • One thing, different functions, different labels
  • An A does not appear until we are taught it
  • Our real life is not there
  • The four vital points
  • The subtlety of how things exist
  • The oral transmission of the Lama Tsongkhapa Guru Yoga
  • Dedications
Lecture 3: The Cause of Samsara
  • Delusions disturb and obscure
  • The suffering of change
  • The need for power comes from attachment
  • Understanding suffering inspires us to develop on the path
  • The three realms are only suffering
  • Everything becomes meaningful when we cherish others
  • All forms are labeled by our superstitious mind
  • Because of self-cherishing we have not attained enlightenment
  • Grasping at true existence is the cause of samsara
  • Practicing emptiness mindfulness
  • Dedications
Lecture 4: Living in the Dharma
  • With an obscured mind we cannot remember previous lives
  • Rinpoche’s mother and family
  • The importance of reciting OM MANI PADME HUM
  • Prayer to Compassion Buddha
  • Living in the Dharma
  • Developing bodhicitta
Lecture 5: Taking Refuge
  • Spirit possession
  • Refuge and useful fear
  • The mind can be thoroughly cleansed
  • Unless we are enlightened, we cause others suffering
  • To free sentient beings quickly we need tantra
  • To be liberated we need refuge in all three jewels
  • The Buddha talking about the benefits of refuge
  • Refuge vows motivation: The four suffering results
  • Refuge vows
  • Dedications
Lecture 6: Cherishing Others
  • What renunciation means
  • The shortcomings of attachment and other delusions
  • With attachment shamatha is impossible
  • Don’t be shortsighted
  • The mind can be trained
  • The signs on Rinpoche’s car
  • Guru devotion and purification
  • Cherishing others is the cause of all happiness
  • Guru devotion
  • Dedications
Lecture 7: Vajrasattva Initiation
  • Vajrasattva initiation motivation: Guru devotion
  • Seeing the guru as pure
  • Vajrasattva initiation
  • Dedications