LYWA Translations into Hebrew

Lamrim Year. The PDF files of Days 1–3 and Day 4 are now available for download. The entire text is currently being translated into Hebrew by Dr. Dvora Tzvieli and Dr. Arie Tzvieli, who both teach at the Arava Spiritual Center, Israel. As the translation of this book progresses, the Days will be collated into chapters and free PDF files will be posted here.

You can also join this Facebook group to find daily meditations from Lamrim Year translated into Hebrew, along with the audio recordings by Dr. Tzvieli.

Becoming Your Own Therapist by Lama Yeshe has been translated into Hebrew by the Shantideva Study Group in Israel and is now available as a free PDf file. If you would like to order a paper copy of the Hebrew translation, please send an email to: