Healing Course continued (Audio and Unedited Transcripts)

By Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche
Melbourne, Australia 1991 (Archive #874)

The second part of a series of teachings given by Lama Zopa Rinpoche at Tara Institute in Melbourne, Australia in August 1991. This series formed the basis for the book Ultimate Healing, published by Wisdom Publications.

The first part of the series can be accessed here.

Medicine Buddha Mantra

So, tonight, as a completion of the healing course, as there's need to receive the lineage of the blessing of the recitation of mantra, some meditations, the blessing of the deity, the different aspects of the fully enlightened beings, that which, because the omniscient mind is bound with infinite compassion for us the sentient beings, so therefore the omniscient mind, the dharmakaya or the omniscient mind, this completely pure wisdom manifested in different aspects to eliminate different obstacles of us the sentient beings. However, in order to obtain happiness for the sentient beings, to pacify the obstacles to achieve even the temporary happiness, for us to achieve even temporary happiness, the obstacles for those to be pacified and especially in order to obtain the ultimate happiness, the peerless happiness, the full enlightenment in order us to achieve this, to have this success then the obstacles have to be pacified, so manifested. However, for the success, temporary happiness and ultimate happiness, which is what we wish, that which us sentient beings wish, then in order to succeed, so the omniscience or dharmakaya or the omniscient mind, the completely pure wisdom which is bound with infinite compassion for us every sentient being, so this omniscient mind, this completely pure wisdom, then, manifested. That, you see, also absolute guru, what we hear all the time, the real meaning of that, the absolute guru, then manifested in these different aspects.

So first one is the Healing Buddha, the Healing Fully Enlightened Being, the initiation or the blessing, the permission to do the practice. There are seven Medicine Buddhas, the seven healing fully enlightened beings. [very long pause]

The seven healing fully enlightened beings, these Medicine Buddhas, are not only for healing the disease, they are very powerful also to bring success, the temporary success, ultimate success, to have all the success they are very powerful for us the sentient beings to bring success. The reason why their aspect is for, also to bring success, why, when, in the past when they were bodhisattvas or when they were saints, bodhisattvas, following the path, practicing the path to the peerless happiness, the full enlightenment, they did so much prayers for us sentient beings, especially to succeed, they did so much prayers for us sentient beings and they did so much prayers what we pray, what we wish, what we pray, those to be actualized. They generated very strong intention, dedication, for that reason then to become enlightened. This is their motivation, why they meditated on the path and actualized the path and became enlightened. They dedicated when they were practicing the path, particularly they dedicated like this, to be able to actualize what we pray, to have success.

So, they promised, they made commitment, they promised in the past that in the degenerated time, then what they prayed in the past, our prayers to be actualized. So therefore, because of the degeneration of the mind, the ignorance and dissatisfied mind desire, the attachment, and anger and so forth, these unsubdued mind or the disturbing thoughts, they get, they become so gross. So because of that then, life get shorter and shorter and shorter, degeneration of life, as the result of that, result of the degeneration of the mind, degeneration of life. Quite a few thousands, before, quite a few number of thousands of years, many, the majority of them age, able to live for a hundred years, the majority of the people's life, that they were able to live for a hundred years. So, even before that, much longer. However, so nowadays the majority of the people how long they live, the age, around, instead of to be able to live for a hundred years then around fifty, sixty, seventy, around that. So, the length of life become much shorter. So like this, the degeneration of life. So from where it comes is from the mind, this degeneration of mind, not trying to develop the mind, not practicing in order to develop the mind. So from this, the degeneration of mind.

Then, degeneration of living beings, becoming very difficult to be subdued, very, very stubborn, very difficult, however, very difficult to practice patience, very difficult to practice compassion, loving kindness, so forth. So even one receives explanation how to do, but very difficult to practice, unable to practice, like that, difficult, so degeneration of sentient beings.

Then, degeneration of the time, then a lot of famines and a lot of wars, many disasters happening, those are degeneration of time, then that comes from the degeneration of mind.

Then degeneration of circumstances, not circumstances, I made a mistake! The degeneration of view, then somebody, for example, if somebody tells the truth, if somebody tells from the heart, sincerely somebody tells the truth, difficult to listen, difficult to believe, but if somebody tells lie, very easy, somebody cheats, somebody tells lie, very easy to believe and something wrong, wrong view, very easy to believe, but something truthful, something reality, something beneficial, somebody tells sincerely from the heart, truth, very difficult to believe, difficult to understand, difficult to believe, less people believing in the truth. So, degeneration of right views.

So here, this view is not only talking, not talking ultimate view, something very subtle, it's not talking ultimate view, it's talking the gross, the conventional truth, it's not the ultimate truth, it's conventional truth, gross. So, somebody explains wrong, somebody gives wrong explanation of what is the cause of happiness, what is the cause of problems, then that is easy to accept, but somebody explains unmistaken cause of happiness, unmistaken cause of suffering, one finds difficult to understand and to _________ that. So that is the degeneration of the view.

So all these, basically it's coming from the first one, not developing the mind in the path, because not practicing to develop the mind, so these other disturbing thoughts or unsubdued minds become developed and become very gross.

So however, so nowadays, this time is the, our time is degenerated time of, much more degenerated time than the past degenerated time, so like that. However, the Healing fully enlightened beings, so they promised before, in the past, to bring success, our prayers, so therefore if we do meditation, recitation, we ask to these fully enlightened beings, because of their determination or their dedication, bodhicitta, the altruism to benefit us sentient beings, strong dedication, due to the power of that intention, due to their compassion, so we are able to have success. Then particularly these healing enlightened beings, the Tibetan doctors, after they made medicine, then they bless the medicine through meditation, using the enlightened beings mantra, meditation. So in this way, besides the power of the substances, all these medicinal plants, all the things that put together, besides that then there's spiritual power, the medicines has those effect or the power, additional power that can cure, can help others for quick recovery, also purify the mind. So this way then the pills become more effective.

So usually when somebody is in very serious state, having very severe disease, then it has been very common experience that, so there meditation practices to do with the Medicine Buddha, very elaborate ones, containing each of the purposes, each of the healing enlightened beings, each of the purposes, whatever functions, dedications, quite elaborate story, there's elaborate practice of Medicine Buddha, then there's short one, which also contains each healing enlightened being. So it's been common experience that by having done this meditation or these pujas that either person who is very serious, who has very severe disease, either the person get recovered immediately or it decides, either they live or either they die. So, then, instead of having pain or instead of living the life with so much pain, then, the person dies without taking much time, one or two days, just a few days. Then, with a peaceful mind. So these are common experiences, so it's very powerful.

And these seven the healing enlightened beings, this is meditation object for success, especially to achieve growth, for the development of their mind.

Then, the other one, the [pause] before mentioning that, so one can understand even from the mantra of the healing enlightened being, tayata om bekandze bekandze maha bekandze randze samungate soha, bekandze means eliminating the pain, maha bekandze, great eliminating the pain. So, bekandze, one explanation, one commentary, one way of explaining the meaning, first bekandze, eliminating the pain, the true suffering, the whole entire problem, that contains the whole entire, not just disease but any problem, including death, including the rebirth and death, which is caused by action and disturbing thoughts, not that with complete freedom manifesting, not that one, like those holy beings who have complete control over death and rebirth and then manifest, in order to benefit for others, not like those transcendent beings, so completely free from the danger, who are completely free from the suffering rebirth and death, not like that. But experiencing death and rebirth, not with freedom, being under the control of action, action motivated by the disturbing thoughts, such as the ignorance not knowing the ultimate nature of the I. So, including those old age, sicknesses, all the problems of the body and mind, so eliminating the whole entire suffering.

Then bekandze, the second bekandze means eliminating all the cause of the suffering, the true cause of the suffering. So, that which is in the mind, that which is not outside, which is in the mind, that which is the action and disturbing thoughts, the ignorance not knowing the ultimate nature of the I, and mind and so forth. So, if there is a cause then the cause makes outside, the food, sun, as recently mentioned so much on the TV, that, laying down in the sun, laying down at the beach, in the sun, that causes skin cancer, so much mentioned recently on the TV. So however, if there is the cause inside then those outside conditions, then they make the outside phenomena to become the condition for disease and so forth. But if there is not cause in the mind, then there's nothing that makes the outside phenomena to become the condition for the disease. Basically the reason the outside phenomena become the condition for the disease, basically the reason why, there has to be a reason why it harms, why they harm to that person, there should be a reason. So the reason, the real, the ultimate reason is the cause, the ultimate reason why these outside conditions, food, this and that, climate, such and such, why it makes, why it becomes condition for disease and so forth, the ultimate reason is the cause, it goes, the ultimate reason that itself experiencing the cause, so because there's cause so there's condition, so without cause, there's nothing, there's no reason which makes this to become condition for the problem.

So like that, same, for example, the sun doesn't cause skin cancer to everybody, for some people it made that, but anybody who lay down in the sun, anybody who lay down at the beach, in the sun, everybody who lay down at the beach doesn't get skin cancer, everybody. So, I don't know how many thousands of years ago, people started to go to the beach , huh? Anyway, so, this is just my argument , for that connection, saying that sun is the cause, that is my argument to that topic. So since, anyway, human being happened on this earth, being under the sun happened from that time, from the very beginning since human beings started, cancer didn't start. So there's also this reason why it didn't happen at the beginning when the human being started, even those who lay down in the sun. Then, even nowadays not everybody get skin cancer that lay down in the sun. So, why? So that's the point.

So however, so then, those who have the cause, the proof why the sun is not the main cause, why it is not the cause, if it is the cause of skin cancer, then everyone should get skin cancer, if that is the cause, so, not everyone, everyone do not get skin cancer, so that proves it's not the cause, even though it does, but it's condition, it's not the main cause. So those who have cause to get skin cancer, then for them, then these outside, certain phenomena they can become conditions for skin cancer or whatever it is, the different problems. So anybody who has the cause, if nothing is done, if from one's own side does nothing for that, then, it is definite to bring its own result, the problem. As long as one doesn't do anything, as long as this cause doesn't have any obstacle, then, definite to bring its own result, like having planted the seed. So if you plant the seed, if there's no obstacle, birds eating, worms eating, if there's no obstacle, definitely it will bring its own result, the stems and the fruit. So, like that, as long as we don't do anything to the cause, then, since there's a cause and we don't do anything for that, then we experience the result, it's nature, it's the nature of the phenomena.

Yeah, so, yeah second bekandze that means eliminating the cause of the problems, that which is the action that is motivated by the disturbing thoughts, such as the ignorance not knowing the ultimate nature of the I, the mind and so forth.

Then third, maha bekandze, it means eliminating even the imprint, even the subtle imprint, great eliminating, maha bekandze, so even the imprint that's left on the consciousness by the disturbing thoughts, such as…

[tape change]

…imprint, even the imprint that is left on the consciousness by the disturbing thoughts, such as the ignorance not knowing the ultimate nature of the I, mind, so forth, even this imprint that is purified, eliminated, so maha bekandze. So however, so this contains the whole graduated path to enlightenment, the remedy the whole graduated path to enlightenment. First one, graduated path of the lower capable being in general, second bekandze, graduated path of the middle capable being in general, and the maha bekandze, graduated path of the higher capable being, like this. So the whole path, the whole graduated path from the beginning to end, up to the peerless happiness, full enlightenment, all contained in that mantra of the healing enlightened being. So like this.

So, by actualizing, by doing the mantra recitation, then leaves imprint on the mind, then also one is able to actualize the path that which is contained in the mantra, the whole path, it establishes the blessing within one's heart. Then, through that, generates the whole graduated path, signified by bekandze bekandze maha bekandze, then, the om, om is made of three sounds, ah, o, ma, that signifies the healing fully enlightened being's vajra holy body, completely pure holy body, completely pure holy speech, completely pure holy mind. So, then, it means, by actualizing the whole path, then it purifies one's own impure body, speech and mind, and then get transformed the healing fully enlightened being's pure holy body, holy speech, holy mind. Then oneself become perfect guide, then without any effort, without the slightest mistake then able to, one has omniscient mind to see every living being's mind, the characteristics, the levels, then, every different methods, whatever it fits to them to bring them in happiness, from happiness to happiness, to the peerless happiness, full enlightenment.

So then that time one has omniscient mind to see, understand all this, to see all these things directly. Then with this, then one has perfect power to reveal, then to manifest numberless, however, the holy body to manifest numberless forms to every sentient being, to every living being, whatever it fits to them, and even to guide one sentient being, manifest so many different aspects and reveal different methods and guide, giving material help, giving other education or giving teaching, showing the path, so many, whatever it is needed. So, from the side of the living beings, when their positive imprint left by past positive actions, so whenever that ripens then, without delay even a second, then, guides, by revealing various means with the body and speech and mind, then guide the sentient beings from happiness to happiness to the peerless happiness, full enlightenment. So however, so like this, so the mantra, so all the mantras of the enlightened beings, all contain basically the same like this.

Then, next one, the next blessing, the initiation or the blessing of the, one aspect of enlightened being, that is called the Senghita, it's Compassionate Buddha, Avalokiteshvara in Sanskrit or the Compassionate Buddha manifested in a particular form, remedy, there are not only food and climate, places, but there are other conditions for disease, living beings, there are spirits or nagas, there are other different types of beings that who are associated with, who harm, but of course basically, it's like when one made upset somebody, out of self-cherishing thought, that one didn't care the other person, did something or out of anger to that person did something, then that person harm to us. So exactly like this, it is coming from our, even those beings harming, becoming condition for disease, it originally came from our mind. So like this example, anyway.

So, this second Compassionate Buddha Senghita, so the Compassion Buddha manifested in this particular aspect, Senghita, to protect, to free, to liberate us the living beings, who received harm from them, then to free, to liberate us from those living beings, such as naga, so forth, those naga, landlords, so forth, there are different beings, so, to liberate us, to free us from those harms.

The logic is that many lamas, many meditators, those who have arthritis, those who have the limbs shrinking, arthritis, disease, also that is related with naga, outside condition, naga, so they use the meditation of this deity, liberating the patients from those harms, there's particular, very involved meditation to do. So by doing this meditation, once, a few times, depending on the person who does the meditation, so, then, as those meditators, those other lamas they experienced that, the arthritis recovered disease, stopped, by doing the meditation of this.

Then, for arthritis, nerves shrinking, limbs shrinking, unable to function, so this deity's meditation, this enlightened being's meditation is very powerful, very effective. Then even reciting the ten thousand or three, four, five hundred, even that much reciting the mantra of this Senghita, this Compassion Buddha, it is very powerful to heal.

Recently, there's one monk in South India, in Sera Monastery, who had much difficulties to walk, one friend with whom we lived together in India, in a place called Buxa, quite a length of time we lived together. So, then I sent this meditation to do 40,000 times this mantra. So last time when I went there, so he is able to walk better, much better than before.

So however, generally, so any disease, not just arthritis but any disease that is related with naga, this particularly, then this disease get healed. Receiving the blessing of this deity and doing the practice, so that is the logic, those other beings existing and they become the condition harming to the patient, like that.