Teachings at Maitreya Puja (Audio and unedited Transcripts)

By Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche
Shakyamuni Center, Taichung, Taiwan (Archive #1611)

Lama Zopa Rinpoche gave these teachings during a Maitreya puja at Shakyamuni Center, Taichung, Taiwan in March 2007. During the teachings Rinpoche gives commentary and oral transmission of the Namgyalma, Stainless Pinnacle and a number of other mantras.

The teaching was being translated into Chinese and while we have edited those sections out you may still occasionally hear the Chinese translator's voice in the background.

Dedications, thanks and advice

So there’s some mistakes there, in the Maitreya Puja text. [Rinpoche turning pages.] Where there’s the praise to Buddha, Guru Shakyamuni Buddha, there was one point when… [turning pages]

[Chun Ru: Rinpoche, Sophia says it’s I think around page 86, 87.]

There was, it was after… After or before? [More turning of pages]

Maybe after. Maybe, I think it’s after. 86? Yeah. So here, the Guru Shakyamuni Buddha, praise to Guru Shakyamuni Buddha, this, [pause] so this one you don’t need. I don’t know how it happened here, so the page, which page? Which page is there? 86, yeah 86 page, so the title is correct but this, what comes after this is the, what you recite before the teaching, praise to Guru Shakyamuni Buddha then the praise to, homage to the Triple Gem, Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, so that part here you don’t need, here you don’t need this, this extra went inside. Extra just fell inside, in the middle of the Maitreya , somehow it came inside, manifested. So that part you don’t need, down to which page? Down to the 88, you don’t need that. Down to 88, the last, si päi tsho lä dro wa dröl war shog, then may the transmigratory beings be liberated from the oceans of samsara, so that you don’t need. That one normally we recite before the teachings, yeah. Then other times, like that, so that part, page 88, page 86, 88, then the 89 the first two lines. 89 the first two lines doesn’t need.

Then also there’s another one. In regards the long-life prayer, I don’t know how it’s written in Chinese…. [turning pages] Here, in the long-life prayer here, where is it? There was a long-life prayer. Seems the long-life [turning pages], [pause] there’s a long-life prayer, Lama Ösel’s long-life prayer, page 80, I think there was Mickey Mouse long-life prayer , page 78. Page 78, Lama Ösel’s long-life prayer, then there’s the long-life prayer, it says gyalwai shab ten in Tibetan. I don’t know how it is in Chinese. What does the Chinese say? [Inaudible answer] It says Chöden Rinpoche, it says Chöden Rinpoche’s long-life prayer? [Inaudible answer] Yeah. It says in Tibetan gyalwai shab ten, gyalwai shab ten means His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s long-life prayer. In Tibetan that’s what it says. So that Tibetan, there’s a mistake in the, gyalwai shabten it says, that usually it means His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s long-life prayer. So Chinese is correct but the Tibetan is….

So then here, the increasing merits and actualizing prayers, that comes on page 84, so that should be brought down at the end. That should bring down the end of the practice, when you finish the auspicious prayer, after auspicious prayer is done. At the very bottom of the auspicious prayer. I think, which haven’t done yet. [Inaudible comment] I mean it could be done just before auspicious prayer, could be done, but…

[Chun Ru checking with Rinpoche] Yeah, this one.

So, the long-life prayer also I need to check whether that’s the place to do the long-life prayer or not, long-life prayer or can be done after, long-life prayer also can be done after the auspicious prayer or, I mean, just before auspicious prayer can be done.

Okay, so wherever you stopped, where did you stop before? What was left? [Inaudible comment from Ven. Sophia] Which page? Which page? [Ven. Sophia: 63] 863? 63? Oh, alle. Okay. Yeah, go on.

[Ven. Sophia leads chanting in Chinese while Rinpoche chants in Tibetan.]

There are two times auspicious prayer. Just, maybe only one time. Maybe I’ll check with the Tibetan text but it looks a little bit confusing.

So can recite the Maitreya Buddha prayer. Maitreya Buddha prayer. [inaudible comment] That was done? [Inaudible comment] When? Last year? When did you recite it, last year? Okay.

The merits to be increased 100,000 times.

[Rinpoche recites the multiplying mantras.]

Then all our prayers to be actualized and recite Medicine Buddha’s name, then the other one, …NGO WA DANG MON LAM RAB TU GYAL PO LA CHAG TSHAL LO, that Buddha’s name, that whatever we pray to be actualized, okay.

[Rinpoche recites the final mantra].

It’s there, so then chanting.

Then, due to all the three-time merits collected by me, the three-time merits collected by others, may the Buddha of Compassion, His Holiness the Dalai Lama have stable life, all the holy wishes be succeed immediately. As well as all the other holy beings different traditions and who are in this world only to benefit other sentient beings, to have, so we dedicate all the merits, three-time merits collected by oneself, by others, them to have long life, all their holy wishes be succeed immediately. Including the gurus, Kyabje Denma Lochö Rinpoche, ?Chöden Rinpoche and yeah, then the gurus who passed away, all their, whatever intentions they had to be actualized immediately and them to return back soon and turn the Dharma wheel for us sentient beings in this world.

Gang ri ra wai….

Then His Holiness’s wishes to be fulfilled immediately. Read the prayer first, in Chinese.

[Ven. Sophia leads recitation in Chinese]

[Rinpoche chants the prayer for the fulfillment of His Holiness’s wishes]

Je tsun la mai ku tshe rab ten ching….

Due to the three-time merits collected by me, collected by others, may the bodhicitta be generated within one’s heart, in the hearts of all the sentient beings, especially in the hearts of everyone on this earth, especially in this world and especially the leaders of the world, so that to have perfect peace and happiness for all the millions of people in each country, they are guided in the path, unmistaken path to peace and happiness.

Then, second one, then third one, may the bodhicitta, due to all the three-time merits collected by me and by others, to be generated in the hearts of all the Muslim people, in all their hearts, without delay even a second, as well as all other ?religious people’s hearts, okay. And as well as in the hearts of the leaders of the, top leaders of the Mainland China, those who have control over the Mainland China country, so in their hearts, okay. So then anyone who has harmful thoughts to harm the world, to harm other sentient beings, bodhicitta to be generated within them without delay even a second, okay.

And in whose heart bodhicitta is generated, may it be increased.

Jang chhub sem chhog…. [3x]

Due to all the three-time merits collected by oneself, by others, may all the father and mother sentient beings have happiness, may the three lower realm beings be empty forever, may all the bodhisattvas’ prayers be succeed immediately, may I be able to cause all this to happen by myself alone.

Then next the, due to all the three-time merits collected by me, the three-time merits collected by others, just myself, any sentient being, family members, sentient beings who are connected to me, just merely being in this world, in this universe, world, country, place, house, and may all those sentient beings who are living in this universe, world, country, place, house, may their negative karma immediately get purified and may they never ever get reborn in the lower realms and may their sickness immediately get healed and whatever sickness they have immediately get healed and that they’re free from spirit harms, and then may it cause, so myself, sentient beings who have connection to me, just merely being in this universe, world, country, place, house, cause them, the sentient beings living in this universe, world, country, place, house, that find faith in refuge, Buddha, Dharma, Sangha and karma, and actualize loving kindness, compassion, bodhicitta immediately. And this whole world filled with perfect peace and happiness, no harming each other, they live the life only benefiting each other. And then complete the path to enlightenment and all their wishes for happiness be succeed, after having actualized bodhicitta then all their, yeah, wishes be succeed.

Then may war, famine, disease, torture, poverty, sicknesses, dangers of fire, water, air, earth, earthquakes, all these, wherever it’s happening may it be stopped immediately and may nobody in this world experience these things forever.

Due to all the three-time merits collected by oneself, the three-time merits collected by others, [pause] that all those who rely upon me, whom I promised to pray, whose name is given to me, all those who died, then numberless hell beings, hungry ghosts, animals, all those then may they immediately get liberated from all those sufferings, reincarnate in a pure land where they can become enlightened or may they receive a perfect human body, meet a perfectly qualified Mahayana guru, Mahayana teachings and may they achieve enlightenment as quick as possible.

Then that includes any family members, that any of your family members who passed away, so we dedicate all the merits also that way.

Then, the other one is to be born in a pure land where they can be enlightened or receive a perfect human body and from young time then to take ordination of renunciation then have a meaningful life, make their life meaningful from young time, without wasting, then, practice Dharma, live in Dharma. Then, by meeting a perfectly qualified Mahayana guru then doing only actions, by realizing that’s buddha, this guru devotion, then doing only actions most pleasing the holy mind of the virtuous friend. On that basis then training the mind in the three principal aspects of the path to enlightenment, then the two stages, achieve the Vajradhara state, which has the seven qualities, okay, as quick as possible, in that life.

Due to all the past, present, future merits collected by me, the three-time merits collected by others, oneself, one’s family members, then all your family members and then all the organizers in the FPMT, here the Taichung center, here, then the centers here in Taiwan and then here, Shakyamuni Center, all the organizers, including Sophia then also assistant, all the who does different jobs, takes different responsibilities here, those who are doing, taking care of the center, making it beneficial for sentient beings, so everyone, then all the rest of the students, all the students in this FPMT organization and all those who, there are so many who give up their life, sacrifice their life to the organization, doing service to sentient beings, the teaching of Buddha, then all the supporter, all the benefactors in the organization, to have long life, to be healthy, all the wishes to be succeed immediately according to the holy Dharma, especially actualize the Lama Tsongkhapa’s stainless teaching, unified of sutra and tantra, in this very lifetime, within everyone’s heart, without delay even a second.

And also in the centers we have many resident teachers, so here Geshe Gyume and Geshe ?Khedrup and all the rest of the resident teachers in all, in the FPMT centers, everyone have long life and to be healthy, all the wishes to attain the path and to benefit for sentient beings, everything to be succeed, actualized, okay, without any obstacles, and benefit all sentient beings.

May all the Sanghas in the organization able to complete the scriptural understanding and realizations of the path to enlightenment in this very lifetime by living in pure vinaya and by receiving all the needs, all the protection in their life.

And may all the Maitreya Buddha, the 500-feet Maitreya statue, all the rest of the Maitreya Buddha statues which we are building in different parts of the world, may all these be actualized and immediately without any obstacle and may it be most beneficial for all sentient beings, as well as all the rest of the holy objects. That which causes quickest way to purify sentient beings and cause them to collect extensive merit, bring to enlightenment as quick as possible. Through that, by making all these holy objects, that not only the spiritual benefit which I explained before, and the social benefit, so many people, thousands and thousands, thousands, thousands of people find job and they can feed their families, like India and so forth, Mongolia, many places, able to feed their family, educate their children, there are so many social benefits, and the work what they’re doing is purifying, collecting merits, not just a building company or making, who are like building Disneyland or something like that, not like that, where there’s no special benefit like that, building company or making many hundreds of towers, business, so not like that here. Even their work is, everything become cause of enlightenment, the work what they do is building statue.

So however, so all those people who are doing work, like coolie, porters, all the people doing laborer and all the people who do different parts of the job, building the statue and designer and architect and all that, all the porters and all the different ______, everyone, may they be able to actualize guru devotion and three principal aspects of the path to enlightenment and achieve two stages, achieve enlightenment, while they’re building the statue, while they’re working on the statue, building the statue, attain the path to enlightenment. So like that, develop the mind in the path, while they’re working on the statue. Then, all those people who give time, donations, whatever support they give, ideas, even ideas, so to build a holy object, so may all those able to meet Maitreya Buddha, Maitreya Buddha’s teachings, able to meet, then attain the path and achieve enlightenment as quick as possible. To be guided by Maitreya Buddha in all the lifetimes.

So, by building all the holy objects in the different parts of the world then so many sentient beings get opportunity to purify their mind and collect merits. Through this only then they can develop compassion, only then get the chance to develop compassion, bodhicitta, then to bring perfect peace in the world perfect peace in their life and in the world. So that’s how it helps, without purifying the mind, without collecting merit there’s no way to generate compassion, bodhicitta, all these realizations, so that’s how the statue, these holy objects bring world peace.

Besides, as I explained in the past, by existing the holy objects then it helps to exist the teaching of the Buddha. By existing the teaching of Buddha only then sentient beings receive happiness. So from where it comes sentient beings’ happiness, from the teaching of the Buddha, so from good karma, so they have to learn good karma. If there’s no teaching there’s no way to learn about karma, then all the realizations of the path to enlightenment, that which makes to achieve not only happiness of all the coming future lives but liberation, enlightenment. So all these happiness then there’s need teaching of the Buddha exist in this world. So again, all the holy objects helps for that, existing the teaching in this world, so that’s how again one way to understand how the, yeah, world peace, the sentient beings’ happiness, peace, depend on the holy objects, okay.

So, yeah, so I think it’s, so I dedicate all the merits to be able to follow the holy deeds of the bodhisattvas Samantabhadra and Manjugosha, as they realizes.

I dedicate all the merits the same way the three-time buddhas dedicate the merits. Jam pal pa wo….

Jam päl pa wö ji tar khyen pa dang….

Dü sum sheg päi gyäl wa tham chä kyi….

Lam-rim dedication.

Der ni ring du….

Chhö kyi gyäl po….

Dag dang zhän gyi….

So I want to thank to here, so I asked Sophia to continue, so she said she wanted to resign so no, I said no. So, as she came out very beneficial in my Mickey Mouse divinations, so then, so I want to thank very much for taking huge responsibility here, comparing other, comparing, I guess, here, other centers near here, there’s much more heavier responsibility Taichung center, with all the debts and with all the payment and everything, so much more heavier responsibility. So all that, and then, so all the past what she did, generosity and all the services and like that. All the services and all the, many years of her generosity in many different ways, to the organization, to me and her service. And then past and also for the future, not only past, also the present and future, so I would like to thank very much to her. So….

Yeah, Sophia.


Whoever has offered to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, so I think this one, so I think His Holiness is offering to her.


Thank you, thank you so much. [applause]

Then, so, so then, so this was the divine dress of the merit field before. So maybe Huang Chun Ru she can make a hat. A hat, like Lama Tsongkhapa’s hat, Huang Chun Ru.

Okay, so, for ?Su Ping, the assistant to Sophia and of course, then, skies of numberless thanks for translating in the past, present, future. [applause]

So, I think I mentioned some days ago that I was talking about the center. Here I would like to say again, to make, because there I was talking among many other subjects, so may not have noticed. So I said that here Dharma center, it’s my heart and so therefore the Sanghas must help. So also Sanghas who are staying in Taipei must help, must help the center, that one has the responsibility to help. So here, I think, helping very much, working together, but there seems not happening, so must be harmonious and must help the center there, Taipei center. That is the first center, that is the very first center, originally where the Sangha here in the FPMT organization were ordained, so that was the first center. So that I think it is not fair that not helping the Taipei center, so must, should, also you need to practice generosity, follow the bodhisattva’s, if you are following the Hinayana path, that’s okay, but if you are following the Mahayana, if you are following the bodhisattva’s path, then must help. So that’s one, okay.

As I mentioned in the past and the other night, of course, when there’s things to do of course, so can discuss the different views, director has different view than other, with others, there will be, has to be, of course there will be different views much of the time, because different view, different karma, different way of thinking, different intelligence, so of course there will be different views, but sometimes the director’s more beneficial than other people, sometimes somebody else’s view is more beneficial than the director’s, so it all has to be analyzed, which one has less shortcomings, less problems, which one has more benefit. So there’s great benefit, middle benefit, small benefit, so if you can do all three, you can do great benefit, middle benefit, small benefit, all three, it’s good. If not, then you give up the small benefit, do the great benefit and middle benefit. Even that is difficult then do only the great benefit, leave the two other benefits. So like that, according to the capacity. So it all has to be analyzed, but can be discussed _____ ______, but by analyzing whichever has more benefit then that can be the decision, that can take. So this way the center becomes more beneficial for sentient beings. So this is what I want to say.

So I think that’s about it, yeah. So there will be more discussion, the other day I just talked the advice, but there has been actual discussions, consultations, so that should be tomorrow or that should be, I don’t know, Kaoshiung, either here or Kaoshiung or Taipei, there should be a discussion among, to understand each other. I think very important the Sangha, I think it’s extremely important, very, very important, well, I think, Buddhism, Buddhadharma, the teaching of Buddha, the very core, the very heart is the Sangha, so Sangha, existing Sangha, increasing the practice, Sanghas’ activity benefiting both sentient beings, teaching of Buddha, and practice, learning, like that. So however, all that thing, but however all that thing comes about from one thing that root of the path to enlightenment, the correctly devoting to the virtuous friend so everything comes from that. When that is damaged or something, not, ?yoyo or the, I don’t know how to say, so not so good, then all the rest of the life, then yoyo, can’t really develop mind in the path and also one, many unhappiness, sicknesses or many unhappiness even in this life, many disappointments and like that.

So anyway, so that’s, so but one thing, I’m very happy, here the, I mean not that many Sangha but I think, it’s been quite a number of years ago, I mean there has been different times ordained, but compared to Western Sangha, the Chinese Sangha last a long time. That’s what I thought this time. In the West, I mean we have so many Western Sangha now, but however, seems much more difficult in the West the Sangha to last. So here in Taiwan it seems able to last a long time, so most stayed. So that I think one thing that I appreciate very much, I think that’s one progression in Taiwan, a very, extremely important one. So I think, so I’m very happy and I would like to thank to all the Sanghas from the bottom of my heart. Okay.

Are you talking about the Chinese Sangha last a long time?

[Chun Ru: Yeah, I just reached it.]

So, before mentioning that. So, helping, so helping where you live, whether it’s home with the family or Dharma center where you live, it is natural thing, I mentioned before, unless you are following the Hinayana path, but, I mentioned that, made that comment, which means seeking happiness for oneself, not thinking to benefit others, to help others. So, but here, it’s a very normal thing that if you’re living in the family or living _____ _______, so you help your family. You’re living in a Dharma center so you help there, that’s a very normal thing, even non-Buddhists, even not being Buddhist, that’s normal human nature to help, so then of course, even non-Buddhists it’s very natural to help. So of course, being Buddhist, of course, then how here practicing Mahayana Buddhism, following the bodhisattva’s path, then of course, that is the main focus is to help others, so comes the helping the center, that comes, there are many, lam-rim practice that’s guru devotion practice, there are many reason why to help the center, the Sangha community and to help each other, there are many reasons for that. So then the center’s to benefit for sentient beings, to spread Dharma, causing sentient beings to practice Dharma, come there to do meditation, to purify and to collect merit, to meditate on the path to enlightenment, so however, to liberate from the lower realms, bring to enlightenment. Yeah.

So that’s about it. So good night, thank you very, good morning. Okay. Thank you.