Bodhgaya Teachings: 2006 (Audio and Unedited Transcript)

By Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche
Root Institute, Bodhgaya, India 2006 (Archive #1588)

Days 1-3 of teachings given at Root Institute, Bodhgaya, India, December 26-31, 2006. Included are a Maitreya Buddha puja, teachings and meditations on Maitreya, and oral transmissions of the Maitreya mantra, Maitreya prayer and King of Prayers.

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Day Three: Using harm to generate compassion; Oral transmission of Maitreya Buddha mantra

Than those powers that you can fly or like the bird flying, so having power to fly or this, showing the miracle powers, like magician, miracle powers, however, all this, that, like those eight common siddhis where it takes many, many months to walk, to go, to travel then you can go, it takes only a few hours, your attainment quick walking, quick walking power. However, then, such as clairvoyance or all these powers, that concentration that you can last for eons undisturbed. Even a big drum beat, is beaten, even a big drum is beaten, not beaten with a stick, ?too-tooth, beaten , not, big ?time, even big ?time beaten in the front of the ear, the concentration doesn’t get disturbed.

So however, so these things, these kinds of powers we achieved numberless times in the past, so those five types of clairvoyance, all those is nothing special of Buddhist, nothing special, in Hindu also they can achieve these things, it’s nothing special some of these powers. So however, so it’s nothing special. But more special is living the life with compassion, the thought to benefit others, bodhicitta, so with this. So you can see the benefit I mentioned just before. To each and every single sentient being, including human being, even the tiniest insect, tiniest insect that you see only through machine, so only those tiniest insects you see on the wet humid wood, which is humid, humid wood, those very tiny insects, so you the one person having this great compassion, loving kindness, ?bodhicitta, so able to cause happiness to all of them, to each and every single sentient beings and bring to enlightenment. So that’s the best. So the best way of taking care of oneself, love oneself is this one, when you practice bodhicitta. When you become selfish then it’s, you become enemy to yourself, because that become obstacle to achieve enlightenment for yourself, achieve all the, liberation from samsara, achieve realizations, then that’s the biggest obstacle for you to cause happiness to other sentient beings.

Yeah, then, [pause] so since I brought up the section of karma, I thought to mention this quotation from Bodhicaryavatara, so might be helpful for some people to, How others treat you, harm you, so you use that, rather using that to get angry and revenge back, then frustrate yourself, make yourself suffer, create many negative karmas with the body, speech and mind, harming others, criticizing, rather than that you use that other sentient being harming you, you use that to achieve enlightenment. You use that yourself to achieve enlightenment and to enlighten all sentient beings. How to do that is, when somebody criticizes you or somebody get angry to you, doesn’t love you, angry to you, whatever harm they do to you with body, speech and mind, so you use that to develop compassion. You use that as, so that becomes very powerful meditation, very powerful technique, method, to develop compassion. So when you do that then become cause to achieve enlightenment. You are using that other person’s abusing you, badly treating you, then you are using that to, yourself to achieve enlightenment and yourself to enlighten all sentient beings, liberate the numberless sentient beings from the oceans of samsaric suffering and enlighten the numberless sentient beings. So in other words, you are using the other people giving harm to you, you are using that, rather yourself to suffer, you use that to be free from suffering, to be free from samsara, you are using that. So that’s a very important practice in the daily life, so then this way you are able to keep your life always in happiness.

So the [long pause], might be this verse, the way of starting, the way to start, [Tibetan] so, My karma persuaded, how everything starts, My karma persuaded, therefore I received this harm. [Tibetan] So by harming to a sentient being, so then, yeah, anyway, finish, by harming to the sentient being, didn’t I make that sentient being to get lost into the hole of the hell.

So what it’s saying is that, in the first place, my karma, I initiated, through the karma, harmed to that sentient being, so then due to that, due to that cause, so this time I received this harm from them. So harming to sentient being, harming to you, the sentient being, this person created negative karma, in this life, this person created the negative karma harming to you, the sentient being, where it came from? This time, this person creating, giving harm to you, the sentient being, that came from your karma persuaded that being in the past, so you harmed that being in the past, so it came from that. So then now what happens, that this time, as a result of that, this time this sentient being harm you. So then that become negative karma, that makes the sentient being, now this person, he or she is in the human realm, in the human world. Then, due to this karma, negative karma of harming me, then cause that being to disappear from the human, being human being, from the human realm and then they get lost, from the human realm, now in the human realm, from there then get lost from the human world into the hole of the hell.

So here now, so now, who causes that? Now who caused this, that this sentient being to be born in the hell? Who is human being now then from here, fall down in the lower realm, in the hell realm and suffer.

So who actually caused this is me. In the first place I initiated the karma, harmed, so that’s how all this happened. So therefore, so now here, when you think like this, as Shantideva, great Indian pandit, the great bodhisattva explained, so this sentient being has no choice, has no freedom at all. Has no freedom at all, totally overwhelmed by karma. And the whole these things initiated by me, so then, now here it is only object of compassion. So now this person is only object of your compassion. Impossible to get angry, impossible to revenge. There’s no way to revenge. Impossible to get angry. Only to rise compassion, it’s only object of compassion. So thinking this way it develop compassion to that being, to that person. So now here when you generate compassion that leads you to enlightenment. When you generate compassion to that being, to that person, then that compassion leads you to enlightenment. So each time you purify so many eons of negative karma, lifetimes, eons, of negative karma, defilements and collects extensive merits, yeah, so each time, when you generate compassion each time you become closer to enlightenment.

Like as there are many stories. So [pause] for example, there are so many stories, benefits of compassion, how you achieve enlightenment quickly. So the Maitreya Buddha generated compassion much earlier, so much earlier before Shakyamuni Buddha. But Shakyamuni Buddha generated compassion much later, so much later, become bodhisattva much, much later. But Guru Shakyamuni Buddha become enlightened before Maitreya Buddha become enlightened. So what is it that caused, even though Shakyamuni Buddha generated bodhicitta much, much later, but become enlightened earlier? The Maitreya Buddha generated bodhicitta much, much earlier but enlightened after the Buddha. So, what’s the difference? What caused that? So that is, so when Guru Shakyamuni Buddha, past life bodhisattva and the Maitreya Buddha’s past life bodhisattva, I think they were from one family. So two brothers they went, in Nepal, on the mountain, the Namobuddha, that same mountain, when they went there, they saw one family of tigers dying of starvation. So of course both of them have great compassion. So what happened was, so both of them went back to home then Shakyamuni Buddha’s past life bodhisattva alone came back. So could not bear, then he gave up his life and his body for the five tiger family who are dying of starvation. Then, I think, yeah, by taking out by wood or something, by taking out blood, then let them to lick the blood then to eat, like that, he gave up.

So because of that, because of Guru Shakyamuni Buddha’s compassion is much stronger so he is able to give up his life, sacrificed his life to, came back and gave his life to the tiger, five tiger family. Example like that, so because of that, Guru Shakyamuni Buddha’s compassion is stronger, so because of that then he became enlightened much earlier.

So same, if there’s no compassion, if you don’t practice compassion, there’s no enlightenment, there’s no bodhicitta, no, can’t achieve all the qualities of the Mahayana path, five paths, ten bhumis, and then, also the tantric path, two stages, can’t achieve enlightenment in a brief lifetime of degenerate time, can’t happen. So can’t achieve enlightenment without compassion, without generating compassion to sentient beings, to the sentient beings.

Then, how quickly, how long it will take time to achieve enlightenment, the whole question, the whole answer lies how strong compassion, how quickly you can generate bodhicitta, the root, compassion, how quickly you can generate these realizations and how strong you can generate, so the whole question lies, the whole answer lies here, so how quickly you can become enlightened, whether you become enlightened or not, how quickly you can become enlightened, all, the whole answer is there.

Yeah, so here, therefore now here, in our daily life when somebody’s being mean to you, when somebody abuse you or harm you, with the body, speech and mind, criticize you or whatever, [pause] out of anger and out of jealous mind, with all this hatred or negative thoughts, however, so we should use, so this is, so this [pause], so you should use, so from our side we should use opportunity to develop compassion. We should take the opportunity to develop compassion. Take it as an opportunity, unbelievable incredible opportunity to develop compassion and that means unbelievable, incredible opportunity to achieve enlightenment. To do perfect work to numberless hell beings, hungry ghosts, animals, human beings, suras, asuras, to each and every single sentient being, to be able to do perfect work to them, to enlighten them.

So however, so here now, so here, when you generate compassion to that person, when you use the situation, what the person does to you to develop compassion, [pause] it’s, even you win the lottery, a billion dollars, it’s nothing. Even you win by lottery a billion dollars, it’s nothing. But here the benefit, here, you’re able, by thinking in this way as Shantideva explained, able to use that situation to develop compassion. So here immediately, all the heavy negative karmas you collected from beginningless rebirth it become, this life and other lives, become thinner, get purified and inconceivable merits collect right in that minute, you become closer to enlightenment. So however, from that compassion you’re able to achieve enlightenment, cessation of all the suffering samsara and cause and full enlightenment.

So therefore, full enlightenment, so I mentioned last night the Buddha, which has skies of qualities, Buddha’s holy body, holy speech, holy mind, that you’re able to achieve all those qualities, so from that compassion that is generated to this person, so that, so including the, that you’re able to liberate numberless sentient beings from the oceans of samsaric suffering and bring them in full enlightenment, each and every single sentient being, you are able to bring them in full enlightenment. So what you get from this, what you get advantage, profit, advantage what you get from this compassion that you generated to this person, who is harming you, so that’s, so the winning a billion dollars from a lottery is nothing, that’s nothing, totally lost.

So here I want to say this, so this person gives you opportunity to practice, to develop compassion. It’s the best gift. This person gives you opportunity to practice compassion is the best gift. The best gift, priceless gift. So as just before I mentioned the reasons, so then bodhicitta, this person gives you bodhicitta realization, all the Mahayana path, five paths, ten bhumis and then those tantric realizations from that, on the basis of bodhicitta, all that. Then, those infinite qualities Buddha’s holy body, holy speech, holy mind has, you achieve from this, so this person is giving you and this person is making you to be fully qualified, to be enlightened and to be able to liberate the numberless sentient beings from the oceans of samsaric suffering and to enlighten numberless sentient beings. And to enlighten the numberless sentient beings. So, this person is helping you. This person is, by generating compassion, then this person helps you to be enlightened and then liberate numberless sentient beings from the oceans of samsaric suffering and bring the numberless sentient beings in full enlightenment. So that’s, so now here you can see this person is the most precious, most kind one in your life, in your heart or your life, most precious, most kind one. So as I mentioned yesterday, the other day, so even you offer to that person to thank, sky, this world filled with, not only with gold and diamonds, so forth, jewels, not only that but the whole sky filled with gold, diamond, even the most precious one among the material possessions, the wish-fulfilling jewel, the whole sky, limitless sky filled with wish-fulfilling jewel, wish-granting jewel, even that much you offer, make offering, you present to this person, it’s nothing. It is nothing, can’t repay the kindness. Can’t repay the kindness, it’s nothing. Because the wish-granting jewel cannot, even the whole sky filled with wish-granting jewel, even you own that much you cannot stop rebirth in the lower realms, cannot. And even you own that much wish-granting jewels, you cannot, just from that you can’t achieve higher rebirth, you can’t achieve liberation from samsara, just from that. From that you can’t achieve enlightenment.

But this sentient being gives you opportunity to practice compassion and generate compassion, then you get all this benefit from this sentient being. This sentient being is giving you all this benefit, up to the, to be able to enlighten numberless sentient beings. That you’re able to enlighten each and every single sentient being.

Yeah, I think, so therefore then, no matter how long it takes time, how many eons it takes, how many years, how many lifetimes, eons it takes time, no matter how hard it is, I must achieve enlightenment for sentient beings, to free the numberless sentient beings from the oceans of samsaric suffering and bring them in full enlightenment. Therefore, then, I’m going to take the oral transmission of the, I haven’t received this ?form of meditation, this is from Changkya Rolpai Dorje, one very high lama from Tibet, Changkya Rolpai Dorje. I think guru of, become guru of one of the king ?dynasty. So Changkya Rolpai Dorje, so haven’t receive the oral transmission of his collections of teachings. I haven’t received yet, so I don’t have the oral transmission of this ?form of meditation. But the short one, very short one from Rinjung Gyatsa where there’s hundred sets of initiations, there’s a Maitreya Buddha jenang, so the very short one there, that one I received. Also, I think, last year, I think, Kyabje Chöden Rinpoche gave during a course, one student, Angela Wang, she requested and then Rinpoche gave in San Jose. So that very short one, that one I received the oral transmission but this one I haven’t received, the one that’s translated, that you’ve been doing, that, but the mantras, the oral transmission I have received those.

Yeah, so think, I’m going to take the oral transmission of the mantras for the benefit of all sentient beings, okay.

So, [pause] the mantra, I think in the book I saw it says ?OM MAITRI MAITRI SVAHA, is that right? So that seems, I think maybe, I don’t know how it happened. I don’t know how that happened. The, it’s a translation of this text but here it doesn’t have that mantra, ?OM MAITRI MAITRI SVAHA, so OM MAITRI MAM SVAHA is _______ here. The mantra [Rinpoche turning pages], OM MAITRI MAM SVAHA. OM MAITRI MAM SVAHA. So I noticed that yesterday, I saw that yesterday.

So that’s the, when you’re doing many numbers, like 100,000, like that, numbers, this is the main mantra, OM, but here in this text it’s OM MAM MAITRI SVAHA, so the MAM comes before MAITRI. So, I think, either way is okay. Either way it’s okay. So if you are happy to say OM MAM MAITRI SVAHA, then, if you’re happier OM MAITRI MAM SVAHA, then it’s okay. So whatever makes you happy, you can choose that. OM MAITRI MAM SVAHA, so here in this text, OM MAM MAITRI SVAHA, like that. So that’s the main mantra when you do retreat to, like to count 100,000, like the other deities’ retreats, the 100,000, to recite.

Now another, okay, then so, this OM MAM MAITRI SVAHA, that’s the oral transmission.

Now then another mantra, ?OM MAITRI MAITRI SMITI SVAHA. So that one is to develop, that mantra, Maitreya Buddha’s mantra to develop perfect wisdom. Perfect wisdom. ?OM MAITRI MAITRI SMITI SVAHA.

Then ?OM MEHI MOHI…, probably this is a mistake in the text probably. This is OM MOHI MOHI MAHA MOHI SVAHA. You know, the long mantra, at the end we recite this OM MOHI MOHI MAHA MOHI SVAHA. That one, so this is the same. Here it says MEHI but maybe mistake in the, when it’s written or printing. OM MOHI MOHI MAHA MOHI SVAHA. So that one is, if you recite this then you can offer extensive benefit for sentient beings. If you chant this mantra, you’re able to offer extensive benefit, help, to sentient beings.

So, during the retreat or if you want to do a daily practice, the Maitreya Buddha daily meditation practice, you can chant this or if you want, also during the retreat, either individually, OM MAITRI MAM SVAHA, whichever you recite, so that’s the main mantra to recite, then you can recite a little bit for developing wisdom, ?OM MAITRI MAITRI SMITI SVAHA. Then at the end you can recite this, to be able to offer extensive benefit to sentient beings, OM MOHI MOHI MAHA MOHI SVAHA.

Then the meditations, [pause] so as it’s mentioned here, [pause] that after yourself becoming Maitreya Buddha, so that is, no question if you have received a Highest Tantra initiation like Kalachakra, no question. Then if you have received any of the great initiations of the lower tantra you can do that, you can generate yourself as Maitreya Buddha. But those who haven’t received any great initiation, no great initiation you have received, so normally a great initiation is two days, two days for the, one is first day, preparation, that was given the kusha grasses to check the dreams, the strings for protections and dropping sticks to examine. Then next day the actual initiation. So the lower tantra has great initiation of the vase, the vase initiation then you have received great initiation. So anyway, those who haven’t received any great initiation, then you don’t visualize yourself Maitreya Buddha. Here talking about a replica absorbed to you, then you become Maitreya Buddha, then you send beams from your heart, purified sentient beings, become Maitreya Buddha, and the place, purified the places and they become the Gaden Yiga Chödzin, Maitreya Buddha’s pure land. So generating yourself as Maitreya Buddha that, then you’re not allowed to do that. So what you can do is, from the front Maitreya Buddha nectar beams emitted and then entered in your body and mind and purified all the defilements, negative karma, okay. Completely purified, then if you have sicknesses then also you can think sicknesses and spirit harm, negative karma and defilements, the four things, also completely gone, purified.

Then, also same thing happened to other sentient beings, six realm sentient beings also purified. Beams emitted from Maitreya Buddha, entered in their body and mind, completely illuminated and then purified all these four things. So then while you’re focusing on that, doing that visualization then chant mantra, then think received all, then think, like one mala, half purification, half receiving qualities. Or you can do the [pause] some mala mainly purification you do, and then received qualities within you and all sentient beings. So you can do that.

And then all the ten-direction buddhas, bodhisattvas, the blessings of their holy body, holy speech, holy mind also received within you and all sentient beings, that’s also okay. Can do that.

Then, the long mantra is called ?jampai tam chö sung, the mantra promised by Maitreya Buddha. So then that can be recited as a group, anyway, so the idea is at the end then you recite that long mantra, whatever number. Can be recited twenty-one times or less, whatever number, can recite at the end. So when you stop.

Then, for those who haven’t received a great initiation, the Maitreya Buddha, so you are going to live, you’re going to dedicate your life for other sentient beings, to serve, to free them from the sufferings and bring to enlightenment, for that reason, to actualize the path, bodhicitta, great compassion, bodhicitta, to actualize the path to enlightenment, so this is what I’m going to do, okay. Then that Maitreya Buddha’s very pleased to you and then melted in the, Maitreya Buddha descended above you, melted in the light, white light, whatever, golden light or white light, however, then absorbed center of the two eyebrows. Here, absorbed here. You don’t become Maitreya Buddha but absorbed here, center of the two eyebrows. This is normally how you do, somebody who, people who haven’t received a great initiation, any of the great initiation, then at the end, if you’re doing refuge practice or ?since you visualize deity, then at the end to absorb, for absorption then this is what is advised to do. So then absorbed at the center of the two eyebrows, then think that blessed my body, speech and mind.

So then, who has received the initiation then of course Maitreya Buddha absorbed within you, this is when you end the session. Then you generate strong divine pride that I actually become Maitreya Buddha.

So meditate very strong, hold one-pointedly place the mind into the divine pride that I am Maitreya Buddha and also clear appearance, Maitreya Buddha’s holy body, [a couple of words inaudible] that aspect.

So then here it says, do very strong intensive dedications by reciting the King of the Prayers, the bodhisattva Samantabhadra’s conduct, the prayers, and then Maitreya Buddha’s prayer, I think it should be in English. So that ?only can be done oral transmission maybe…. [pause]

[Rinpoche gives the oral transmission of the long Maitreya Buddha mantra, heart mantra and close heart mantra.]