Bodhgaya Teachings: 2006 (Audio and Unedited Transcript) Continued

By Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche
Root Institute, Bodhgaya, India 2006 (Archive #1588)

These teachings were given at Root Institute, Bodhgaya, India, December 26-31, 2006. Included here are lam-rim teachings, and oral transmissions of the Maitreya prayer, King of Prayers and the Stainless Beam Mantra. You can listen to Days 1-3 here.

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Day Five: Oral transmissions of Maitreya Prayer and King of Prayers

So, then next one it says... [Tibetan] With the remembrance and alert awareness, [Tibetan] conscientiousness? Conscientiousness? [Ven. Sangye Khadro says “conscientiousness” slowly, which Rinpoche then mimics.] Con-scientiousness? So with the remembrance and awareness and conscientiousness, maybe, I didn’t ?arrange things properly, but anyway you understood. So, protect always your senses, the door of the senses.

So the, then next one it says, three times day and night, again and again, examine the mental continuum.

So this says a lot. So the, before that, always abandon the sleep and drowsiness and abandon, extremely abandon this sleep and this drowsiness and laziness. Then here, then what should we do is always attempt perseverances. So the nature of the perseverance, the mental factor, the intention, the perseverance, that is a happy mind, ?drowai sempa, happy mind. So the meaning of the perseverance, so happy to do virtue. So to harm others, to harm your enemies, perseverance in that or perseverances for the anger, attachment, ignorance, so perseverances to meaningless activities of this life or the negative karma, nonvirtuous actions of this life, that’s not the real perseverance, that’s wrong perseverance. So that kind of happy mind, that is wrong. That’s wrong perseverance. Happy to create negative karma.

So anyway, so here it says, here the perseverance is always practice, always attempt perseverances is virtue, Dharma, to attain the path. So by understanding buddha-nature that can help for that and then you get courage and then perseverance. And then also by realizing how this perfect human body is so precious, by knowing this, all these great meanings what it can achieve, all those, then that helps to have perseverance, those, to practice Dharma, to achieve those great meanings. And also every day remembering the result of the negative karma, like such as the ten nonvirtues, the sufferings of the hells, hungry ghosts, animals, like Nagarjuna explained, every day remember the hell realm sufferings, hot and cold, every day remember. So the Nagarjuna advises to keep the mind always in the virtue, in Dharma, so the horse to keep in the right path then you hit, the whipper, if the horse goes this way you hit the whipper, if it goes this way you do with the whipper, then you keep in the right path. So that, the mind to always keep in the virtue, so remembering those unbelievable sufferings of the lower realms. So then that gives courage, gives perseverance to bear hardships and to practice Dharma, to attain the path, path to liberation, enlightenment. So, to practice the vows, and to take the lay vows, five lay vows or the, so the eight vows, like Eight Mahayana Precepts or to bear hardships, to purify, to collect merit and to achieve liberation, enlightenment, so it persuades, by remembering those sufferings it persuades you and then also to do, like that, those various practices of purification, to purify all those negative karmas, which cause to be born in the lower realms and also, yeah, to attain the path, to engage in the practices, to practice Dharma, however, to have good rebirth next lives, again to practice Dharma, to meet Dharma, so however, like this, then to complete the path to liberation, enlightenment. So you get inspired, courage and perseverance like that. Also how the samsara is nature of suffering, samsaric perfections how they’re nature of suffering, all those things.

The other one is when you feel unbearable how sentient beings are suffering so much, that is only if you have kind of strong compassion to others. So then that also gives, if you have that kind of mind, want to help others, you want to free others from the suffering and causes, bring to enlightenment, like that, then if you have kind of feeling unbearable others’ sufferings then also that gives courage to you to practice Dharma, perseverance.

So with the remembrance, awareness and the conscientiousness always protect the door of the senses.

So I think, so it’s like this, in Bodhicaryavatara there’s example given like that, that also while you’re walking, you’re carrying the container filled with the, something precious drink, then at the same time you have to walk, so then there’s a person next to that holding a sword, if you spill this, while you’re walking if you spill this then you’ll get, then the person will hit the sword to you. So then, while you’re walking you watch the road but also you watch this container, the drink cannot spill, so you’re walking the road but also you’re watching at the same time to not spill. If you don’t do that there’s also the danger.

So I guess one simple example is, so, in the daily life, so mind keeping always in the lam-rim, always in the virtue, in the lam-rim, so that, if you don’t do that, if you don’t keep the mind in that, then, the remembrance, awareness and the conscientiousness, then there’s danger to engage in negative karma, negative thoughts rise then create negative karma. Then fall down in the lower realms for many eons of sufferings. Also suffering, even later when you’re born a human being due to another good karma, then also so much suffering that you experience even in the human realm so later. So anyway, reincarnate again, again and again in samsara, then experience all the suffering of samsara, so those things. So that’s like the person holding a sword, so that’s to pay attention. So conscientiousness is like that.

So you can have conscientiousness if you have remembrance and awareness. So remembrance, the mind keeping in the guru devotion, mind keeping in the renunciation, bodhicitta or right view, and if you’re practicing tantra, the tantric path. So however, mind keeping in virtue, then, remembering that.

The awareness is that, when your mind is distracted from, when your mind is not in Dharma, able to recognize that, being able to be aware. So like for example when you meditate, remembering the object of meditation is remembrance. Then when your mind is distracted on another object, recognizing that is the awareness. So the perfect meditation has to be achieved with these two, remembrance and awareness. So if the awareness is that your mind is scattered on the object, if you don’t recognize that, if you don’t recognize then you wasted many, many hours and then, many hours and days and then lifetime you waste. You try to meditate but most of the time your mind is too distracted on another object. So if you’re trying to achieve shi-ne or something like that, can’t achieve. Even trying to keep the mind in virtue, or Dharma, can’t do that.

So, always protect the door of the senses, so anything, any object that which causes to rise attachment and all these things, so you close the door of those, so protecting from those objects, seeing or hearing or whatever, so protect from those, when there’s danger, object, protect from seeing, hearing or whatever, from those objects which cause to rise attachment, anger, all this, negative emotional thoughts, similar to that.

So then I think how to do that, next one is making explanation how to do that. [Tibetan] That can happen only if you do day and night, three times day and night, again and again examine one’s own mind, one’s own attitude of life, watching your mind all the time. Watching your mind, what’s happening, always watching your mind. So then you can, if you don’t watch, if you don’t practice mindfulness, then you can’t tell whether your mind is Dharma or not Dharma, virtue or nonvirtue. It becomes dangerous, negative thoughts, then you become evil being, destroying yourself and also danger to others, other sentient beings, harm other sentient beings. If you don’t examine your mind, if you don’t practice mindfulness of your mind then can happen, so then it’s like that.

So maybe stop here. So some more details on this, maybe mention tomorrow.

Dag gi ji nye…

[short mandala]

Due to all the past, present, future merits collected by me, and the three-time merits collected by others, may the bodhicitta, which is the source of all the happiness for oneself, for all sentient beings, may it be actualized within one’s heart and in the hearts of one’s own family members, in the hearts of all the students in this organization, all those supporters and benefactors in the organization, those who give up their, all those people who are in the ?centers, who give up their life to the organization, offering service to sentient beings, the teaching of Buddha, in all their hearts, and as well as those who rely upon me, whom I promised to pray, whose name is given to me, those [a few words inaudible] in all their hearts without delay even a second. And in the hearts of all the sentient beings without delay even a second. And in whose hearts bodhicitta is generated, may it be increased.

Jang chub sem chog…. [2x]

May the bodhicitta be generated especially in the hearts of all the leaders of the world. May the bodhicitta be generated in the hearts of all those people who have harmful thoughts to harm the world, to other sentient beings, those who are called terrorists or whoever, or whether they’re called terrorists or not terrorists, but in the hearts of those may the bodhicitta be taking place in all their hearts. Then that way, may everybody live their life only benefiting each other, no harm, only helping each other and whatever they do, everything become only cause of enlightenment.

Jang chub sem chog….

Then every single understanding of Dharma that we have, every single purification in everyday life, every single merit, then every time that we have opportunity to become closer to enlightenment, to enlighten all sentient beings, is completely by the kindness of Compassion Buddha, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, so then we pray, who is only object of refuge of us all sentient beings, as well as only the originator of all us sentient beings’ happiness, so His Holiness to have stable life, all the holy wishes be succeed immediately. And as well as all the virtuous friends, same. And then also we pray that Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche to, all the holy wishes whatever Rinpoche had to be actualized immediately and then to be able to see as quick as possible, that a new smile of the new holy face of the new manifestation, incarnation, as quick as possible and then to turn Dharma wheel in this world unceasingly, then again bring sentient beings to enlightenment.

Gang ri ra wä….

Pal den la ma ku tshe ten pa dang….

Due to all the past, present, future merits collected by me, the three-time merits collected by others, may the father and mother sentient beings have happiness, may the three lower realm beings be empty forever, may all the bodhisattvas’ prayers be succeed immediately. May I be able to cause all this to happen by myself alone.

Due to all the past, present, future merits collected by me, the three-time merits collected by others, may any sentient being who sees me, touches me, remembers me, thinks about me, thinks of me, talks about me, whatever connection they make to me, harm or help, whatever they do, even they have dreams of me or see photos, so even they make like Bodhicaryavatara, even they tease me, even they make fun of me, however, whatever the connection they make, whatever they do, then may all these cause back, effect back to them only good, nothing harmful only good back to them, immediately purify all their negative karma and heal all their sicknesses immediately and stop spirit harms to them and find faith in refuge and Buddha, Dharma, Sangha and karma and actualize loving kindness, compassion, bodhicitta in all their hearts immediately. And never every get reborn in the lower realms and achieve enlightenment as quick as possible. Then all their wishes for happiness to achieve, means instantly to achieve, so yourself become wish-fulfilling towards, to every single sentient being.

Due to all the past, present, future merits accumulated by me, the three-time merits collected by others, may all the projects, the building holy objects and all the statues of Maitreya Buddha in this world, different parts of the world, and all the rest of the holy objects to cause sentient beings to collect most, quickest the extensive merit and purify the defilements and bring to enlightenment as quick as possible. So all those to be actualized and all the needs, all the finances, support and all of the needs, everything, and also as well as the building monasteries, nunneries the different parts of the world, to preserve Dharma, spread Dharma for sentient beings, and then support for the Sangha, the main, the monasteries where they’re learning, where there’s the most depth, extensive learning of the Buddhadharma, so offering service to those, food and so forth, finances, support, all those. And then, and also Sanghas in this organization, able to continue and develop and then, so then, so those monasteries where, ?here the Sangha and as well as those monasteries where produce qualified teachers and able to educate sentient beings all over the world, from those monasteries and as well as, also from this organization Sanghas and able to assist Sangha and also the lay, to educate the sentient beings, bring light of Dharma in different parts of the world, so offer those service.

Then all the social services so to receive all the support, then for all this, also the Sangha, then all the social services, the hospice and then the, to be most beneficial and to be developed and receive all the needs for that. And then all the school, the universal education of compassion, loving kindness, and the schools to be most beneficial for sentient beings and to receive all the needs for that, the support in the education as well as finance. And then all the hospitals, then all the dispensaries, however, the various sicknesses they’re treating, all those things, and then giving shelter, food, all those, then those homeless ones and all those things, various social services then to be most beneficial and to be developed and everybody receive all the needs. Then there are also the prison project and then to be most beneficial for sentient beings.

So I have met one person who lived quite a number of years in prison and who did many hundred thousands Vajrasattva, prostrations, many practices, unbelievable practices in the prison. So he didn’t have a mala, so how he did the mala was breakfast, the cereal, what’s this cereal, the round one? What do you call? The round one? [Ven. Lektsog: Cheerio.] The breakfast, the small round one, not this size but very small, so breakfast, so he collected that, so he didn’t have thread so then what he did is he took some thread from some clothing, to pull out, then he made thread, then he did, used the mala for reciting Vajrasattva many times, hundreds of thousands, like that. So he was out so he did the rabjung, intermediate ordination of renunciation, so he told me some of the things, that’s unimaginable ?courage in this. So many people did practice in prison, so many. So somebody I wrote thirty pages, some twenty pages and many hours of [a couple of words inaudible]. So anyway, so some of the Sanghas help, take care of them, but mainly Robina, who runs the project, who’s dynamic. Dynamite or dynamic. Maybe sometimes becomes dynamite, maybe. Anyway, so it’s unbelievable what she can do, so so much help, giving vows and Eight Mahayana Precepts and it’s just unbelievable. So anyway, and so they write letters from prison.

So anyway, then there’s also project, Loving Kindness Peaceful Youth, another one, besides universal, this one, there’s another one for help of the young people. I don’t remember whether that mentioned or not. So that one started, I went to Italy some years ago to receive a teaching from, our center there, Lama Tsongkhapa, so received His Holiness the Dalai Lama and then received teachings there, maybe 5,000 people or something like that, or maybe more, I think, six or seven thousand, I’m not sure. Anyway, so in the airplane on the way back flying to the United States then the thought came to help the young people. So then the title is Loving Kindness and Peace for Youth. So loving kindness means cause, result is peace. So then in the title there’s the cause and result, both. So now the title is Loving Kindness Peaceful Youth. So that is, but the education will the same from the Universal Education, same, but here this is to help among the young people, their difficulties, their problems and to do meditation and yoga, to help the body and mind, the inside, and then do meditation, consultation and talk, for elder people to help all the young people, the young people who has compassionate mind so to help for the [a couple of words inaudible] problems. Then a lot of the things is to do voluntary service, help the sick people and old people, go out voluntary, so something offer from their side. And also with the drugs, to help the young people, so things like that. But basic education the same from that one. So in Australia, His Holiness is coming to Australia, so then asked one student that, I think Shyla, so she already organized the 10,000 children coming, already organized 10,000 children to come, that His Holiness will be there, His Holiness will talk, so already organized, already that’s happening. So that’s another one, so it’s already progressing that part.

So anyway, however, all the Centers to be most beneficial for all sentient beings, cause to find faith in refuge, karma, actualize bodhicitta and the organization especially to spread Lama Tsongkhapa’s teaching in the hearts of all sentient beings and to receive all the needs for that. And then whatever project each Center has, building holy objects or buying Centers, buying a house, and they can’t afford, not enough, not having the money to pay then, even down payment, and they lose the house, found a very good house but then [snaps fingers] could not pay down payment and then lose, misses. However, there are many, still there are some like that and [a couple of words missed] however, each Center has many projects, not only spreading Dharma, all the social services, so may all their projects be succeed immediately by receiving all the needs, every single whatever project they have to benefit others.

So pray, dedicate the merits, so all this to be actualized, and to be most beneficial, all these projects.

So recently, this is just the news, recently in Varanasi the director of the Universal, well, the name has been changed as well, I think, Universal Education, Universal Loving Kindness and Wisdom, I think, that’s the ?recent one, name. So anyway, so by discussing with His Holiness and introducing, probably more details ?this happen, so His Holiness accepted to be patron for this project, so it’s very fortunate.

Due to all the past, present, future merits collected by me, the three-time merits collected by others, that which exists but which is merely labeled by mind, may the I, who exists but who is merely labeled by mind, achieve Guru Shakyamuni Buddha’s enlightenment, which exists but which is merely labeled by mind, and lead all the sentient beings, who exist but who are merely labeled by mind, to that Guru Shakyamuni Buddha’s enlightenment, which exists but which is merely labeled by mind by myself alone, who exists but who is also merely labeled by mind.

I dedicate all the merits in the same way the three-time buddhas, how to say, I dedicate all the merits to be able to follow the holy extensive deeds of bodhisattvas Manjugosha, Samantabhadra, as they realizes.

I dedicate all the merits the same way the three-time buddhas dedicate their merits.

Maybe just quick, I think, there’s this Maitreya Buddha prayer, this, this is also one prayer that helps for the project, this one to actualize the project. This is, came from Maitreya Buddha himself, this prayer, so just do quick lung of that, the oral transmission. So the purpose of the lung is so that you receive the lineage of the blessing, so when you recite more effective and also when you teach others, explain this there’s more effect to the mind, so that’s the purpose of doing the lung. And it also helps to preserve the transmission of the blessing, the continuity. So will be much quicker, you can read the English but probably might be quicker if I do it in Tibetan and you can read the English, but listening, but you have to pay attention, listen the words that I recite then you receive the oral transmission.

[Rinpoche gives lung of Maitreya Buddha prayer.]

So there’s some you have received already the oral transmission of the bodhisattva Samantabhadra’s prayer, but maybe many may not have received, so by the way to do this very important prayer, extremely important prayer, this most extensive bodhisattva’s prayer. So this contains ten numberless 100,000 bodhisattvas’ prayers, so then the short, the prayer that which contains the whole entire prayer of the King of the Prayer, the bodhisattva Samantabhadra’s prayer, that is the jam pel pa wo…, this one, the two stanzas, so which we did already, Due to all the merits to follow the holy extensive deeds of the bodhisattvas Samantabhadra and Manjugosha, as they realizes, I dedicate all the merits the same way the three-time buddhas dedicated their merits, so that one. So that two stanzas contains all the prayer that the King of Prayers. So when you don’t have time to recite the long one then that one you recite it. Then, that’s very important to recite that even after every dedication to recite that is very important. And if you recite this King of Prayers then one benefit is when you die then you get reborn Amitabha pure land and then also, so as a result of that you will ?come [a couple of words missed].

[Rinpoche gives lung of King of Prayers in Tibetan.]

So here saying, the ten direction field, limitless field filled up, decorated with jewel ornaments, all the world, ten-direction world filled, limitless, decorated with jewel ornaments and offer the buddhas, that’s one thing, that one’s merit is one thing. And then other one is all the happiness, supreme happiness of devas, human beings, you offer to buddha, how many years, you offering eons. How many eons? Equaling the number of atoms of the world, so that many eons you offer to the buddha. So that much merit now you compare just merely hearing this King of the Prayers, this dedication, merely hearing this and then you generate faith to follow towards enlightenment, generate a wish to follow towards enlightenment and rising devotion even just about one time [snaps fingers] rising devotion, this one collects far more greater merit, just by hearing this prayer, generate a wish to achieve enlightenment and then [Tibetan] just even about one time generating devotion [snaps fingers] then just one time, then rising devotion to this even about once, so this one collects far more greater merit, all these others, unbelievable itself, but then if compared to this, small. So this is regarded another extremely powerful for purifying negative karma.

[Rinpoche continues lung of King of Prayers in Tibetan.]

By having done this prayer then you abandon all the lower realms and bad friends.

[Rinpoche continues lung of King of Prayers in Tibetan.]

So by reciting this you definitely achieve enlightenment, as a result.

[Rinpoche continues lung of King of Prayers in Tibetan.]

Then general teaching of Buddha, Lama Tsongkhapa’s teaching, may it be spread in all the directions, able to flourish forever in this world by completely actualizing within one’s heart, in one’s own family members, in the hearts of, in all of our hearts, all the students in this ?organization, those who give up their lives to the organization, doing service to sentient beings, all their hearts, then in the hearts of everyone in this world.

Cho kyi gyal po…

Dag dang zhen gyi…

So, good night, good morning.