Methods for Paralysis: The Sung of the Profound Togetherness

Methods for Paralysis: The Sung of the Profound Togetherness

Date Posted:
November 2009

Rinpoche gave the following advice on how to help paralysis, including eleven different methods.

My motivation for translating this text is as follows: I must free all sentient beings from all sufferings and their causes and bring them to enlightenment: all the hell beings, pretas, animals, humans, suras, and asuras. I must free all beings from paralysis, which causes them difficulties, suffering, and obstacles to practicing Dharma.

Due to the merits of all the buddhas and bodhisattvas of the three times, may anyone who sees these methods, uses them, touches them, wears them, or hears about them never experience any paralysis in any lifetime, and may those who have paralysis completely recover and never experience it again.


1. My text is a hand-written scripture and is very worn, so the title is not completely clear. But I think it is from Padmasambhava, from the ear-whispered lineage.

Title: The Sung of the Profound Togetherness

I pay homage to the holy body of the wrathful guru vajra (wrathful aspect of Padmasambhava).

All of a sudden, when there are very heavy sicknesses of the Za [Day], when the situation arises and there is no time to give treatments or heal, even if it takes a little while, if one does not use this method, one will fall into a pitiful situation. Therefore, from the very beginning, when the sickness arises, use this protection.

Write down this mantra correctly, without anything extra or missing. It is best if the mantra is written in gold, there is middling benefit if it is written in silver, and the least benefit is if it is written in red ink (in my observations it came out best to write it in silver. In Tibetan, the ink is called gya tsal or you can use Chinese or Indian ink.)

Write this mantra, without dots, and concentrate, then recite the dependent arising heart mantra 100 times and make an auspicious prayer. Then roll the mantra from the end of the mantra to the beginning. Tie it with a black thread and seal it with wax. Cover the whole mantra with wax as a sealer. Then, make many eyes in the wax and always wear it at one’s neck.

The benefits of the mantra: This instruction is an all-in-one method. A person with this mantra won’t experience dangers or pitiful situations, and won’t receive harm from the Za (Tang Song Za), like being trapped inside a fort of sky iron vajras (sometimes, when lightning strikes, pieces of stone, like iron, drop from the sky. This happens many times in Tibet, in Chang, in the north. They are like stone, but drop from the sky (Nam cha / sky iron.) Anybody who keeps this practice who has paralysis or sicknesses will definitely be liberated by this method.

According to the text, in order to receive these instructions, one has to offer gold. This implies that the teaching is very precious. It says one must offer at least one gold coin (full sersang) or one cannot receive these instructions.

If you give these instructions to many people, then you will receive harm (Tibetan: kudok; this term is used in relation to protectors, when they get angry with you.)

Samaya, kuchi, datim: These are expressions to make a restriction, so that this practice does not become too widely available. If it is too widely available then there will be some disturbances.)

Because this manuscript is very worn, some of the instructions are not clear. The mantra is not included here, as it is only needed when it is requested.

2. There is a je-nang to receive of Za Chok Gyalbo Rahula called Za Nyima Dong Gang. As the commitment, you have to offer torma at sunset for 29 days. You start on the 29th day of the Tibetan month and continue offering for 29 days.

In the Most Secret Hayagriva practice there is this torma offering practice, as Za Nyima Dong Gang is part of the entourage of Most Secret Hayagriva. If you do this practice, you won’t have paralysis for 300,000 eons. Also, you can do the mantra 100 times a day. This practice was taught by Rahula himself to the great yogi Yasangwa.

3. Recite the mantra of Maha Chakra / Secret Vajrapani:


4. If your eyes and mouth become distorted by paralysis, then drink water blessed by the mantra.

5. “The method at the window”: place three fire stones (in Tibetan: gembu—three stones, or anything that serves as a pot stand, it doesn’t have to be a triangle shape, to form a grate), then put a frying pan on the support, at a window. Put water inside the frying pan. Then reflect your face inside on the water. While looking at the reflection in the water, from the side of the face that isn’t affected, push the face back again and again. Do it slowly and gently. It you do it too strongly, then the paralysis can move to the other side of your face.

6. If due to paralysis one cannot speak (often there are three different types of paralysis, of one’s body, speech, and mind), the cause of the paralysis can be from pollution, and the cause of the pollution is one’s negative karma. The condition—the pollution—is due to having eaten some food or maybe having received food from people who have pollution or are engaged in non-virtuous actions, such as a prostitute, someone engaged in heavy negative karma, or who has broken root vows, broken samaya with the guru, is heretical to the guru, or who has given up the guru, etc. The pollution can also be from dead people or animals.

The incense puja is important to clear away pollution. There is a special incense puja from Padmasambhava to clear pollution from an individual, or one’s house, area, or country, which has pollution.

The practice is to put a container like a frying pan at a window, on three stones, to lift it up. Inside this put the head of a sheep (this could be a real sheep’s head or made of dough ), put tongs (Tibetan: gamba ) on top of the head, then, holding another tong, count the number of the age of the person, moving your hand with the tongs up and down, then put the tongs on top of the other tongs. During this time, ask the patient to recite this mantra mentally:


6. If the patient has paralysis of the limbs, then with water blessed by the mantra, wash them again and again. Recite a few malas of mantras and blow on the water. After each mala generate strong faith that each drop of water has the power to heal all the sicknesses, negative karma, spirit harm, and obstacles. Wash the person with this meditation. Also, you can do massage to stretch out the person’s limbs.

7. Another method is to bring the sick person to a temple with Buddha statues that have blessings, or in front of a stupa, or to an isolated place where polluted people don’t pass through. Above the person’s head, make a canopy out of the robes (chogo) of a very pure gelong, who is living according to vows. Use a peacock feather on the head of the person, on the person’s neck put a zhi mala (it does not have to have many zhi beads) that has been blessed with the mantra. Then, give the person the obscuring wood to wear, to obscure the person from the harm of the spirit king, Gompo, and so forth.

There are different woods that give protection from the upper spirit king (Tsen), the middle and upper spirit (Rahula / Za) king and Tsen, and spirits down below (nagas) and landlords. You can wear the different wood that has mantras on it for protection. You can get the wood from Tibet and Nepal.

Many years ago I collected this wood. I wrote these mantras on it and gave it to some business people for protection. It was not easy to get this wood, because it is very hard to recognize, and also it does not grow everywhere. The method of wearing the wood is for people with no realizations and who must rely on external methods and external protections.

8. Do wrathful pujas against different types of beings. However, if the person has no realizations, then other beings can harm them during a wrathful puja.

9. Move one’s bed to another location to sleep.

10. General instructions

Conduct regarding food: For elders one needs more heat, for the middle-aged one needs more coolness, for children one needs an equal balance between hot and cold. Abandon eating red meat and warm curd, and abandon water from the herma.1 

Don’t listen to sounds of drums or blowing conch shells because they are too loud. Don’t engage in fighting, speaking loudly, shouting, running, or any violent actions. Don’t ride on horses or donkeys. You should not look at a bright red color. Don’t have a bowl with sparkling water in it or anything sparkling, like a mirror.

According to my experience, you may feel bright lights shining strongly are very bad for your eyes and you can lose the power of sight. You may not feel comfortable watching TV. Any bright light can be a problem. Don’t look directly at the sun, also when the sun hits the ocean, there may be too much light.

In general, these are the main practices to do for paralysis:

1) Mantras for paralysis

2) Washing purification with Dorje Namjom. This is a very common method that helps one to be healed. You must do it many times. You do it with a lama, collect water that the lama used, and then use that yourself when you wash and do the meditation of receiving blessings from Dorje Namjom and Tromo Metsek.


1 Meaning of herma not known to LYWA.  [Return to text]