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Holy Objects : Maitreya Project

By Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche (Last Updated Nov 21, 2013)

Thanks for Prayers and Donations

Thanks for Prayers
Rinpoche thanked people for making prayers for the Maitreya Project, which involves building a very large statue of Maitreya in India.

Most dear, devoted, and dedicated students of the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha and sentient beings, again, it is really amazing what you have been able to accomplish. I am jumping up and down (with both feet) with joy and happiness (just like the fans do when their team has won the football, raising their arms and leaping into the air, although sometimes you can’t tell by their expression if they are happy or not, sometimes it looks like they’re angry). Anyway, this is my way of showing how happy I am with how you are helping and supporting the project.

This is the most urgent time for your help and support. It’s like if you are at the bottom of a cliff and someone lowers a rope for you, and you can’t quite reach it. Then someone comes (all of you) along and helps you reach the rope so you can climb to the top. Or it’s like you are dying of starvation and then someone brings you food.

From my heart, I want to thank all of you BILLIONS of times for helping with these recitations and pujas. I thank you on behalf of the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. Once this karma ripens it will have immense benefit for sentient beings and the teachings of the Buddha.

The FPMT is like a baby about to stand up.

With much love and prayer...

Thanks to a Benefactor
Rinpoche wrote the following letter to a benefactor (who is a nun) of the Maitreya Statue Project.

Most venerable one who is beautified by the three higher, incomparable sources of inspiration for countless sentient beings to abandon the cause of sufferings and to follow the path to liberation and enlightenment and who is the incomparable leader, whose kindness to the FPMT organization, to Maitreya Project, and to me is inexpressible. I hope everything is going well with you.

You are the main source from whom we have received funding for the Maitreya Project and because of this we have been able to develop the Project, also due to the kindness of other small donations that came from other people.

I understand at this time it is not easy and the funding is not so available for you, so I have very great appreciation and respect for your incomparable compassion. One of the qualities and signs of a holy being is that they don’t change their minds about whatever they have promised in the past. It is said in the teachings that once bodhisattvas make a promise, it is like it has been carved on a rock. With you it is like that.

It has been an extremely difficult situation for the Maitreya Project. When I heard that there were some funds available from the manager, it was unbelievable, like receiving food when somebody is dying of starvation. The funds would be highly beneficial now and I would appreciate it very much.

As you know this project is going to last for 1000 years and is built thinking of the long term. That is what makes it expensive. However, the longer the statue can last, the longer it can liberate sentient beings from oceans of samsaric suffering and bring them to enlightenment. The bigger the statue is the greater the number of sentient beings from all over the world who will come and receive so much benefit from it. Every single thing they do, whether circumambulating, prostrating, or making offerings to the statue, immediately becomes the cause to achieve enlightenment, even if their motivation is not Dharma, but is attachment and grasping to this life. Still, every single action of every single sentient being becomes the cause to achieve the whole path to enlightenment, including the root, which is guru devotion. Even seeing the statue purifies so many defilements and plants the seed of enlightenment, and that causes them to have realizations in the path in the near future.

I would like to thank you very very much for this recent donation.
With deepest gratitude and my prayers and love...

Thanks for Prayers
Rinpoche sent the following message thanking all the Dharma centers for making prayers to benefit one of his projects: the Maitreya Project.

I want to say thank you very much to everyone, to all the yogis, yoginis, heroes and heroines, to all the Rinpoches out there and all the precious ones having Buddha nature, to all you unbelievably fortunate ones practicing great compassion toward all sentient beings (with bodhicitta). I want to thank those who are praying, working, and liberating sentient beings from the most unbearable sufferings of the lower realms and the sufferings of samsara in general. I also want to thank those who are liberating beings from the sufferings of the upper realms, even from the subtle defilements, from lower nirvana, and bringing beings to enlightenment.

I would like to thank you all very much for all your service in making the thousand offerings to Maitreya Buddha, for performing Tara pujas, etc., for all your voluntary work and all your prayers. I would like to thank you for doing this on top of your everyday service to the teachings of Buddha, sentient beings, and your own spiritual growth.

So, here is a short message for you all:

I bow down to the holy lotus feet of the Buddha Maitreya, who is the
embodiment of all the buddhas (countless buddhas).
I bow down to the loving kindness of every single one of those buddhas.
I bow down to the loving kindness which creates omniscience that guides us obscured, pitiful sentient beings.

How does loving kindness guide us? It frees us from the lower realms and brings us to the higher happy realms. It not only frees us obscured, pitiful sentient beings from that, but also frees us from so much samsaric suffering, the whole of samsara, and brings us to ultimate liberation.

Not only that, this great loving kindness, which creates omniscience, even frees us from lower nirvana and subtle defilements, and brings us obscured, pitiful sentient beings to full enlightenment.

Each of the buddhas' great loving kindness protects us from all undesirable conditions, all those sufferings, and gives us the collections of goodness, all desirable conditions, and all happiness.

Loving kindness uses perfect power to free us from all those sufferings and gives us all temporary and ultimate happiness. Great loving kindness directs the perfect power each buddha has. There are countless buddhas, and that loving kindness makes each one benefit us. So, each buddha has this great loving kindness for us all the time.

There is great loving kindness in the heart of the Buddha for us, from time without beginning, as the continuity of our life is beginningless. So, until full enlightenment is achieved, the Buddha has loving kindness for us.

Maitreya Buddha is the embodiment of each buddha's loving kindness, and the symbol of all the bodhisattvas' loving kindness for all sentient beings.

Peace experienced throughout the entire universe, global peace, national peace, and each individual's peace comes from the good heart, loving kindness. Maitreya Buddha is a symbol of this.

Recently, I think, the students in the Dharma centers suddenly put more effort into prayers, to make the thousand offerings to Maitreya Buddha and Tara pujas, as I requested at that time, when we appeared to have come very close to securing funding for the Maitreya Project. For some time this has looked possible, but then recently, from my observations, it looked very difficult. Now, suddenly there has been a change. Before, it seemed that nothing would happen this year with the financing of the Maitreya Buddha project, that we would have to wait until next year. Now, suddenly, things have become much more positive regarding the funding. So, you can see how causative phenomena is dependent arising – if there are unmistaken causes and conditions, then the result can come. And all of this is existing in mere name, merely imputed, which shows that while it is existing it is empty, while it is empty it is existing. That is why all sentient beings can end their samsaric suffering, which as no beginning, and achieve enlightenment.

I would like to thank you all now for your sincere and devoted heart prayers for success in building the Maitreya statue.

With much love and prayers...

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