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Practice Advice : Practices for Benefiting Animals

By Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche at various locations (Last Updated Oct 20, 2009)

Animal Healing Practices

Animals in Pain
Rinpoche gave the following advice on practices for his dog, Om Mani Padme Hum, who had a torn ligament in her leg and lumps on her head which turned out to be cancer. A vet recommended an operation to remove the cancer, but after performing the practices advised by Rinpoche, the dog was in less pain and the cancer disappeared. The lumps on her head went away totally and she lived for another five years.

Please do the following for her. Please give her the following medicines:

  • Rinchen Jur-mar four times a week, every alternate day
  • Moon Crystal three times a week, every alternate day

This means that she takes one precious pill a day. Do this for three weeks and then we will see how she is.

Please recite the Chenrezig long mantra a few times and then four malas of OM MANI PADME HUM. Then, blow on her water. This can be done at intervals during the mantra recitation. Visualize Chenrezig above the water and also bless the water that way, making strong prayers.

Also, bless the same water with three malas of the Vajra Armor* mantra. Blow on the water during recitation of the mantras. She needs to drink this water several times a day if possible. You can keep topping the water up and blessing it.

*Vajra Armor Practice

Oneself becomes Vajrapani, black, very ferocious, holding a vajra and snake lasso. Holy body is completed in glorification with the cemetery costumes. Both feet standing on a lotus and sun disc, stretched out.

Abiding in the very center of the host of transcendental wisdom fire blazing. From the holy body emits fire garuda, iron scorpions, black pig wind, fire poison and harmful breath – like a very violent hailstorm wind.

Think that they completely destroy all the diseases, epidemics, spirit possessions and interferes.

Recite the mantra:



Recite this as many times as possible at the end of the session, blow over water then drink or apply. Also you can recite the mantra then blow on cream or butter and apply to infected areas outside on the skin. In your daily practice blow in your nostrils after you finish reciting the mantra (holding hand in front of mouth, blow air up, so it goes up your nostrils).

Think that all the diseases, spirit harms etc. are totally destroyed, then place the mind in emptiness a little bit. Beyond from what is to be protected and who is protecting (conventional truth).

Again arise into that deity’s holy body, while it is empty.

Then do the dedication prayer and the increasing merit mantra prayer.

This is taken by Ghana for daily practice from the most Wrathful Chakra of Protecting the Root Attachment.

Translated from the sadhana by Lama Zopa Rinpoche 7 March 2003 in Kachoe Dechen Ling for Esther. Scribe Holly Ansett.


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