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June 2014

Contemporary Issues

Dharma and Worldly Activities : Food and Dharma Practice
Tags > vegetarian,dharma in daily life,guru devotion

Students' Letters : Offering Thanks
Tags > guru devotion,FPMT,spiritual teacher (guru / lama),depression,sickness and health

Death and Transitions

Helping a Dying Person : Practices at the Time of Death
Tags > death,preparing for death


Infectious Diseases : Various Infections
Tags > sickness and health

Holy Objects

Monasteries and Stupas : Stupas
Tags > holy objects,animals,merit

Advice on Holy Objects : Tsa-tsas
Tags > holy objects,merit,buddha

Advice for Pilgrimage
Tags > holy objects,merit,buddha

Advice on Holy Objects : Prayer Wheels
Tags > holy objects


Spare the Insects : Saving Insects' Lives
Tags > animals,killing,dharma practice

Practice Advice

Daily Practices : How To Do Daily Practice
Tags > dharma practice,meditation,tantra,bodhicitta