Retreat Practices

Retreat Practices

Date of Advice:
March 2015
Date Posted:
September 2015

A student asked for advice on what to do after leaving his job. Rinpoche advised the student to do retreat on life practices previously given.   

My most dear one,
Thank you for your email. You should do retreat on the life practices that I gave you previously. Do whatever you feel from that list. You can do two different practices a day; you don’t have to do just one. You can do a different practice each half day. Whichever practice you would like to do or feels closer, you can decide.

The practices I gave you before are extremely good and beneficial, making your life most meaningful for sentient beings. They make your life most beneficial for every sentient being that comes into your room to bite you and for every worm, every maggot, every fish in the water, for everyone—even the smallest that you can’t see with the eye but can only see with the machine—and for every human being, every worldly god, sura and asura.

Don’t worry about finishing the practice. Just do it slowly, slowly, and then you will finish, like the turtle. Tibetans say the turtle goes very slowly and finishes, while a flea jumps everywhere but doesn’t get anywhere. The center is going very well and benefiting others, thus I want to thank you billions and billions for your effort. Please rejoice.

With much love and prayers...