Pray to Benefit Others

Pray to Benefit Others

Date of Advice:
January 2016
Date Posted:
November 2018

Rinpoche handwrote this card and sent it to a student. [Lightly edited by Sandra Smith.]

Lama Zopa Rinpoche with flower garlands, 2010.

My most dear one,
I hope that in all your lives you will be like one sun shining in this world, that the plants enjoy—to rise up from small flowers to big flowers—and that animals can enjoy, and people too.

May your life be most beneficial, right up to enlightenment. Please pray like this—to be like a wish-granting jewel or a wish-granting tree, so that whatever you pray for is granted.

Pray that you can become more than a wish-granting jewel or a wish-granting tree; pray to be useful to all sentient beings until enlightenment, to immediately fulfill all their virtuous prayers and virtuous activities, all their desires.

Then when you die, you can die very happily for all sentient beings, for those who have to die because they are not free from delusions and karma, the cause of all samsara.

With much love and prayers ...